Refugee Art on Playa near 10:00?

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Refugee Art on Playa near 10:00?

Post by puppy » Fri Sep 10, 2004 2:07 pm

I took a picture of some tablets in the playa which had a poem on them about Refugees. And I loved the poem and it's message, BUT my picture doesn't show all the words and I can't figure them out. I searched the playa art list but to no avail. If you know who created this or have a better picture that shows all the words including those in red please email me.

wwildchild (at) aol (dot) com

It goes like this:

I am a refugee in this land I was not born in
A far off country of exotic plants and animals
My passion bears an eagle crest
Yet I am a refugee with no where to rest but my mind.
Ever ________ out of _______ out of synch
A _______ that yet which I flee is all around
__________ from the newspapers and televisions
flying high atop ______________
I Stoe? my life away and hope they will not find it
And dream of that place called Home
Where my people and I will live safely some day,
The twelfth of never, And know what it is to feel
The wind on our faces.


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