"Homeland" defense

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"Homeland" defense

Postby geekster » Mon Sep 27, 2004 11:42 am

Okay, I noticed that this year I was the ONLY one around willing to defend against the water trucks that cruised up the street and sprinkled. I and I alone stood guard with my squirt bottle aimed directly at the truck firing back as it blew its load. Nobody else was brave enough to come to the defense of the dust that happened to be just OFF the street and probably considered itself safe.

So ... I have decided that one thing I must do for next year is create a defensive position to give that truck "what for". A turret with a rather intimidating water gun would be really cool. A klaxon to bring people to battle stations when the evil truck is sighted would be a plus too. Lets join together and defend ourselves against the evil-doers.
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