Pedicab, anyone?

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Pedicab, anyone?

Post by bullD » Fri Jun 04, 2004 12:10 pm

Pedicab Camp!
I am bringing my pedicab/human powerd weirdness to BM this year to do my part. My participation will simply consist of (among other things) supporting the transportation woes of the many by giving rides to destinations near and far :shock: !
So, is there anybody out there that has a pedicab, or something like a pedicab, that likes the idea of helping our fellow burners for any amount of time each day and night? Pedicab craziness parade perhaps :wink: ? OR WTF, how about some good pedicab anarchy,,, he he he :twisted: . No themes here for the pedicabs except that they should represent our own personal whackiness; treatment of riders will also be left to the discretion of the ridee :mrgreen: !
I am most likely going to camp a couple or more streets back from the esplanade and looking for burners to share in perhaps creating an ongoing and improving service for the transportationally challenged :lol: .


Good Burning

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