Do You Dream of Burning Man?

Share your pictures and video. Tell us about the sights, sounds, and scents, as well as the rumors and truths found at Burning Man.
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Thank You

Post by bcruz70 » Thu Sep 25, 2003 3:43 am

Thank you for posting this topic. This was my first time at Burning Man and it blew my mind. I have heard about it it for at least 7 years and finally made the effort to attend. It was an experience that is impossible to put to words or capture the essence on film or video. So far I have had dreams about it every night. I had kept that to myself until now, I'm glad someone else is having dreams too.

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Arnold Layne
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Post by Arnold Layne » Thu Sep 25, 2003 6:20 am

A Dream of Wolves 'Wolfpack'

Howling the pack in formation appears
Diamonds and clubs, light misted fog, the dead
Waving us back in formation
the pack in formation
Bowling they bat as a group, and the leader is seen
So early, the pack on their backs
The fighters through misty the waving
The pack in formation, far-reaching waves
On sight, shone right, I lay as if in surround

All enmeshing, hovering
The milder I gaze
All the animals laying trail
Beyond the bough winds, mild the reflecting electricity eyes!
Tears! The life that was ours grows sharper and stronger
away and beyond
Short wheeling -- fresh spring
Gripped with blanched bones
Moaned, Magnesium, proverbs and sobs

Howling the pack in formation appears
Diamonds and clubs, light misted fog, the dead
Waving us back in formation
The pack in formation

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Post by nymphgonebad » Thu Sep 25, 2003 6:49 am

Lorgasm wrote:I find myself in a constant Burningman state of mind; awake and asleep. Asleep, I am at Burningman. I feel and smell the dust. I can taste EVERYTHING. Awake, I find myself touring my neighborhood. Each house is a campsite. I see people coming outside to see the sun come up and to see the sun set. I hear the trippy tunes on my stereo and I am at BRC. I just want to hug everyone I see.

You can take it with you.

What a beautiful thing.
i can take it
and you can take it
but you can't take it with you when you're gone.

the radiators

hey, lorgasm - given any thought to an afterlife storage service?

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Arnold Layne
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Post by Arnold Layne » Thu Sep 25, 2003 9:15 am

The Land of Dreams

Awake, awake, my little boy!
Thou wast thy mother's only joy;
Why dost thou weep in thy gentle sleep?
Awake! thy father does thee keep.

"O, what land is the Land of Dreams?
What are its mountains, and what are its streams?
O father! I saw my mother there,
Among the lilies by waters fair.

"Among the lambs, clothèd in white,
She walk'd with her Thomas in sweet delight.
I wept for joy, like a dove I mourn;
O! when shall I again return?"

Dear child, I also by pleasant streams
Have wander'd all night in the Land of Dreams;
But tho' calm and warm the waters wide,
I could not get to the other side.

"Father, O father! what do we here
In this land of unbelief and fear?
The Land of Dreams is better far
Above the light of the morning star."


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tell granny i said hey

Post by nymphgonebad » Thu Sep 25, 2003 9:21 am

Arnold Lane wrote:The Land of Dreams is better far
Above the light of the morning star."Blake
i think it looks better like this.

how's granny? is she still on the road?

feel free to use prose.


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Lydia Love
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Post by Lydia Love » Fri Sep 26, 2003 7:48 am

Just woke up from a dream where Doc Pyro and I were cowboys. He was still wearing the pink Barbie Love poncho - but the rest of the outfit looked pretty authentically cowboyish.

We had just taken off after an escaped doggie when I woke up.
It's all about the squirrels.

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How you can not...?

Post by arcaduk » Fri Sep 26, 2003 9:31 am

After 4 weeks my brain is stuck at the BM. Every night I dream my friends, the dust, La Playa at the BM.
I keep inside the energy of the Burnung Man.

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Post by Jp » Fri Sep 26, 2003 11:01 am

I dreamed of Bman incessantly for about two weeks after I got back. Weirder though is the phenomenon, echoed by others, of waking up in one's own bed and not knowing where the hell you are. I've had this every year but it was even more vivid and disturbing this year. I used to attribute it to drug flashbacks but I was not chemically altered this year so go figure.

Sometimes my bed is out on the playa and my roof is a giant tarp covering it. I'll look over at my cat and wonder what the hell possessed me to bring her to the playa. It's really freaky. Once I had to get up and turn the light on to get reoriented and even then it took a few seconds.

Funny, the reverse NEVER happens. When I awake on the playa, I always know exactly where I am. Guess I know where my home really is.


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Post by Jp » Fri Sep 26, 2003 11:02 am

p.s. I realize my avatar sucks, need to find some new images that reduce better.

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Post by cobwebbywings » Fri Sep 26, 2003 1:33 pm

This was my second year at Burning Man and unlike last year I had dreams almost every night starting about 2 weeks before I was planning to leave for the playa. In every one of my dreams we left late, we forgot things and when we got there it was not in the right place and there were only about 200 people that showed up. Sometimes it was in the middle of a forest at some big campground, once it was on the playa but it was covered with snow. In every dream I was disappointed and I kept saying this isn't Burning Man, it's not what I expected, this isn't what it's supposed to be. The wierd thing is those are the same things I felt overall about my experience at the real burn this year.

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Post by Mayfield » Fri Sep 26, 2003 1:41 pm

I dream about Burning Man alot. But then I suppose that shouldn't be a suprise, I've been living outside of Gerlach for 6 months now.

The other night I dreamed that Dr. Holderdown had built a large schooner art bus and we were all partying down on her sailing around the playa. The Temple had become a castle of sorts we docked at and took. There were many ships around and we were drunk and spoiling for a fight!

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Post by angelface » Tue Sep 30, 2003 9:34 am

I had this dream last night... it wasn't about burning man specifically, but I think some of the influence is in there..

The dream takes place at a school/resort area. I am living in an apartment that was like a dorm I lived in in college, 3 stories high, with all the doors on the outside, like a motel. There was a large lake right outside the building. At one point I was in a music class, rehearsing for an upcoming concert, then, it devolved into a very basic math class, which I was very annoyed about having to take, because I had already taken everything but calculus in high school. Later I was back in my room, I think Princess (my roommate) lived there too, and I was trying to sleep. I looked out the window and saw a helicopter flying upside down about 50 feet above the water. It then stopped and fell straight down into the lake. I jumped out of bed (naked, I think, not that I cared) and ran down a couple flights of stairs to the dock just in time to help the 3 people (one girl, about 19 or 20, 2 guys, a couple years older than that) out of the water. They said they had been test driving the helicopter and had
stalled it. As we were walking back up to my apartment we got involved in a serious conversation about different types of primitive agricultural communities and which ones could be sustainable in different environments, including some on other planets.

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Why indeed?

Post by BlueBirdPoof » Tue Sep 30, 2003 12:23 pm

anyhow, before the event this year I was loosing major sleep over project anxiety dreams.
after the event I was loosing sleep over next years project growth which will of course lead to loosing sleep before '04 over project anxiety dreams.
Because you're a maniac who can't let go of his desire to perfect his projects even though all is imperfectable?

It's just a guess, though.

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Post by SHEEPMAN » Mon Oct 06, 2003 6:32 pm


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Post by Swee-10-Lo » Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:28 pm

I usually dream of b-man every night in one way or another. A lot of times burning man ends up being in the mountains, a different deseret, or some random fair grounds. A few times, the dream just ended up being a bunch of rave camps packed in a tight space competing with sound.

Some times I'll remember that I forgot something and drive back home to get it. The drive is usually about 15 minutes instead of the actual 20 hours it takes to get home and back.

Sometimes I'll be somewhere... a rave, party, a friends house etc....And then...all the sudden I'll magically be at burning man going about my daily business. Weird.
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Post by THE ORIGINAL DIGIMAN » Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:39 pm

it's been a 10 year long dream for me and i can't wake up.

dont want to really.

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Apollonaris Zeus
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Post by Apollonaris Zeus » Sat Jul 10, 2004 11:25 pm

In Techno-color of course!



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Post by Zulegoona » Sat Jul 10, 2004 11:30 pm

Hey the folks are gone for the weekend let's rearrange the whole E-playa board! .....................

You almost have the whole first page A II Z

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Post by Isotopia » Sun Jul 11, 2004 8:25 pm

Spent the last two nights on the playa this weekend.

Had great uninterrupted dreams while the playa winds caressed my face as I lay asleep on a cot, under the constellation Scorpio, wrapped in a snug, oversized goos down sleeping bag.

Had a wonderful dream in which Black Rock City had a moat filled with burning diesel fuel. The clueless were cast forth from their cars/RVs by the Gate team into the burning trench.

I slep so well.

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playa dreams

Post by orangepeelmoses » Sat Jul 24, 2004 9:34 am

who doesn't?


Jesus was an alien ReMiX

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burning dreams

Post by orangepeelmoses » Wed Sep 08, 2004 2:50 pm

how can any burner NOT have playa dreams?


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Post by newdawn » Wed Sep 08, 2004 3:15 pm

One year right before the burn, I dreamt I had forgotten to plan and was suddenly there with nothing but several changes of khaki pants and flannel shirts.

The flannel would have been a bit welcome this year! Brrr.

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Post by bartholomew » Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:07 pm

I had a weird experience on the way up this year. All the way from Fernly, I kept worrying I would wake up, because I have had so many dreams this year where I was on that road, bubbling with anticipation. Fortunately, for once it wasn't a dream!

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Post by irishdevil » Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:46 pm

Always have dreams of Burningman....I dreamed I was there this year ( couldn't go) and I still dream about it.

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Post by kyla » Thu Sep 09, 2004 11:20 am

I have many dreams about BM during the year, but the best ones I have a while I'm on the Playa!! I always end up having lucid dreams which of course are the best ones.

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Post by pixiecup » Thu Sep 09, 2004 11:53 am

This was my first year at Bman, and I was one of the people who couldn't make it until nearly Friday.

Incredible. In every way.

I've dreamt about it every night since being back. Beautiful dreams about connecting with people. For the past two nights, my dreams have taken a turn, and I'm cuddling and touching the person I'm connecting with. Our hands are exploring each other, and we're moaning and sighing...and both nights I've woken up to find myself caressing and groping my husband! He could tell I wasn't expecting it to be him, and we had a good laugh (and then terrific sex).

I'm so lucky to have a husband who let me attend alone, and gave me the freedom I wanted. And he is clearly reaping some of the benefits of my experience. ;)

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Post by LunaBear » Thu Sep 09, 2004 11:54 am

I have BM dreams throughout the year! I love them, they feel ethereal and beautiful- haunting. A typical dream begins with my night-time arrival, I seem to be viewing the BRC from the roof of a moving motor-home, there are glowing, colorful lights, drums sounding from all directions, people in groups talking, singing, dancing. The visual stuff is interesting, but it's the feelings I experience in the dreams that are so resonant for days afterwards!!! I can't really articulate the feelings- something between ecstacy and sorrow, relief and panic- I know, it makes no sense...
Several dreams I experienced just prior to this years burn had a similar feeling/theme- I've just arrived in BRC, and I learn that there is only one day left-I've practically missed the whole thing!!! I'm sooo sad!!
As it turns out, I did arrive later this year than in years past, and by the time monday rolled around, I actually did feel that there was sooo much I missed...
I love the dreamtime, and look forward to all my dreams- most especially my burningman dreams.
Thanks for the opportunity to share!!

"But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." K. Kesey

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Post by Zeejay » Fri Sep 10, 2004 11:43 am

Just last night in fact, the whole night long I had the most incredable BM dream I've ever had, i even woke up at one point totaly thinking i was out on the playa, the thought that came to mind was "wow what a comfy bed i have", and i could swear there were after images of people standing around
talking to me for a second before i rememberd that i was actualy home in my bed in the middle of the night.

The great thing is that i went back to sleep and was right back into my BM dream, seems like last night lasted for weeks. :)

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every night this week!!

Post by tisha2 » Fri Sep 10, 2004 3:20 pm

Since being back I am constantly waking up from dreams where I can see, smell, taste, hear the playa...yesterday I woke up listening to the ever-present beat-beat and while I was aware that I was in my fluffy white bed, I drifted into wakefulness fully expecting this bed to be covered by an arched white canopy and rolling across the playa midday. I even saw a few costumed burners through my window for a second...

otherwise I keep dreaming of the music, the air, the sun, the sparkly eyes and glowing souls!


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Post by thinkcooper » Fri Sep 10, 2004 3:27 pm

The first night sleeping at home, I had a dream that my wife and I were voted as the couple our camp most wanted to see coupled in a cage above our village doing the deed. I woke up from the dream to find myself spooning her, in that "morning" way. She then woke up and was very obliging, even though we didn't have a cage in the air.

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