My installation was run over by an art car

Share your pictures and video. Tell us about the sights, sounds, and scents, as well as the rumors and truths found at Burning Man.
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Postby yalcam » Fri Sep 19, 2003 9:25 am

DFA, you chair-art was one of the koolest on the playa, (to me anyway.) I hung at it for a while when I first spotted it. When I came back with a camera to get a shot of it a day or two later, it looked like someone really f'd it up. yeah, i'd say art care or some really upset miscreants. The thought did cross my mind that you did it, as it looked like the ultamate fractured family...all over the place. I wondered if it was a controlled-release art project. now i know. :(

my condolences.
anyway. hope to see you again next year.
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Postby olivia » Fri Sep 19, 2003 10:34 am

if your tellings-off to out of control art cars are falling on deaf ears, you could always bust out some kind of official looking uniform and act like you're the man.

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Postby Bob » Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:26 pm

Please don't let the rumor mill grind over which art-car may have been responsible WRT to damage done to one particular art installation. It could have been a gang of malcontent Rangers or Gigsvillains, in fact.

I feel for the artist, but shit happens to all of us -- my own and some of my best friend's pieces have been damaged or otherwise disrespected. My philosophy is that you assume all responsibility for your art piece once you put it in a place like Burning Man. Of course, I hope someone got pictures of it before and/or after.
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Postby dragonflyannie » Sat Sep 27, 2003 4:16 pm

Yalcam wrote:
DFA, you chair-art was one of the koolest on the playa, (to me anyway.)

Thank you Yalcam. I really appreciate your response. The fact that my installation wasn't up too long sucks, and it's really great to know that some people did see it and enjoy it. I really am glad you did.

I received an email from two burners named Lisa and Dave. They were responsible for the three missing chairs. I would like to share their story... for I feel it truly reflects how wonderful burners can be.

"we noticed your poor, mangled art piece as we looked out onto the playa and one of your chairs was all alone on the dusty playa... a wave of inspiration came over us and the idea of three chairs placed amongst the playa with books to write in became reality in an afternoon... for the record, the chairs were loose when we aquired them and fresh lights were attatched to them every night (however, one individual removed the light one night and remarked that the light annoyed him, hence the unlight chair experience)... the three chairs were carefully placed throughuot the playa: one facing elephant rock and black rock mountain at the fence, one further in towards the city facing the chandelier (this one got a lot of action!) and one at Michael Christian's Klimax. The dynamics of the journals in respect to location and type of chair was so cool. My boyfriend and I spent hours in his teepee reading the journals from each day, laughing and thinking and discussing. The entire chair experiment was the highlight of our 2003 Burning Man experence- from the concieving of the chair idea, to the daily ritual of creating the book/pen/light thing and replacing the old one with the new one, to laying around and reading them out loud to one another. Another highlight of the chair experience was that Michael Christian is our friend (he didn't know that the random chair at Klimax was our making until the end of the event) and we were able to give him the journals that were written at and chiefly about his piece. He was very happy with the comments and discussion of his piece. In the end, the plush chandelier chair was donated to one of the artists on the playa, the fence chair was written all over and was eventually burned (unfortunately no pictures were taken), the Klimax chair was burned as well. The only pictures that we have of the chairs were found on one of the Burning Man Picture links, two guys photographed one another sitting in the chandelier chair (I can send you the link if you are interested). Overall, I have to thank you on behalf of myself and all of the other individuals whose Burning Man experience you and your chairs touched, thank you for bringing your chairs to the playa... thank you so much."

I wanted to post this, because even though I had come to terms with what happened, learned some valuable lessons and put it behind me, these burners did something for me that is so important... it made me feel that my art did not go to waste and in fact certainly did turn into something more beautiful. I wanted to thank them publicly for this. Thank you Lisa and Dave. I do hope I get to meet you both one day.

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dj big "E"

Postby dj big E » Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:42 pm

hmmmmmmmm, I should have hmmmmmm who said i didn't listen the facts are the vigilance over the art cars was lax this year compared to last year.................. period i yelled at several art cars to slow down.hmmmmmmmm participate i luv when people assume that when someone makes a suggestion people assume they dont do shit .lmao.lets see this year how did i contribute to the whole bm experience lets see.I helped a local artist here in vegas anthony bondi who is usually with illumination a little bit with his art project.I prepared costumes for my self as well as bringing one spare i provided over 50 glow objects to people with no lights what so ever.I errected a 70 foot light tower for my camp as well as others to use for berrings at night.our camp also had a dome were we provided chilled tunes and air as well as a little nitros.befor i got to the playa as well i helped a burner from ride list by picking her up at bus station she was going to ride with us but was in a hurry so i found her another ride and got her theyre to the playa within 18 hours of her arriving in vegas hope u had fun spirit.I also took a 130 mile trip on behalf of camp kfuc to pick up some pyrotechnics in nye county which i smuggled 480 miles to the playa for theyre sat night burn after egg chair and pyrmid camp.hope u enjoyed the show i did.Not to mention the tons of alchohol and doobie and zip ties and other shiot i contributed to our fair city.Not to mention due to the fact of being pretty broke this year i didn't get my money together until last min so i contributed 300.00 towards the tons of other my point was and still is that the brc rangers as well as the blm are the people with the power to say slow down or surrender you're privelige to drive i can ask them to slow down some listen others get abrasive seeing to the fact that the latter is a part of my life i am trying to change .I would have just asssumed to have rode over to the the big furry bull car and kick some fucking ass and take some fucking keys but allthough i know most of you wouls approve alot of the rainbow heads would ahave freaked out lmao. well theyres my book hope you read it lmao dj big "E"

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Postby blyslv » Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:56 pm

Badger wrote:[
And there are some Black Rock Rangers who believe that you as a citizen/participant should empower yourself to step up to the plate and call people on their shit when there's speeding and wreckless operation of vehicles taking place.

This is a challenge for me, 'cuz when I see something stupid, moopsters or disrespect for people's art, or whatever, I get a little aggro and if I confront the perp I usually just alienate him and do more harm then good. I think I would make a lousy ranger.
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Postby dj big E » Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:11 pm

i here you byslv wwords and common sense only go so far and sometimes u just want to fucking snap so when people respond back abrasively i just move on because i no i might flip and like i said i leave as much of that side of me off the playa thank goodness first year first couple hours this anal retentive fuc went off on me they were fucking trying to fix a sound system i tried to offer some advice this guy went fucking ballistic in one second i thought about fucking choking him and other various shit but then i thought this isn't time or place for this i sat back and watched them struggle for three more hours to fix something i could have fixed in 1 min i am dj audio engineer etc,same year this guy stops me on my bike in middle of playa tells me i am entering a fire zone please stay behind him i say are we safe here he replies yes i am on fire safety team when the fire cannon went off me and him ran full speed for twenty five yards and still got slightly singed i say to him that was fucking close bro you guys need anyhelp he comes fucking unglued for about 1 min at the very end he says what do you fucking no about fire anyways i rode of laughing i responded i have a degree in fire science technology as well as have a red card and my fire fighter 1 certificate you asshole and laughed my ass off .last year as well i made somew suggestions to the guys assembling the chair of death about how they should dig a guide whole and put more men on side guide wires the leader of crew looked at me like i was a fucking idiot needless to say when pole reached certain height guys couldn't control guide wires bottom slid out pole came down several people were hurt at least 2 were serious.I got on my bike and rode away just wondering wy why why. anyways i can ask someone to slow down i can sabotage theyre cars etc but some people just wont learn the easy way . dj big "E"

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Postby blyslv » Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:50 pm

People .... they're no damm good.
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Postby PJ » Wed Oct 01, 2003 3:13 pm

blyslv wrote:People .... they're no damm good.

Try using more salt, or maybe BBQ sauce.

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Re: More Art Car DamageThe Shark Bar was notorious for being

Postby Sand_man » Thu Jun 03, 2004 12:13 am

No Shit that shark was insaine. I was way out on vision near where it was parked. it took out 2 road sighns. Please for the love of twinkys, don't get fuckin' drunk and drive an art car through the populace!!(OR ART!!)

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Postby Apollonaris Zeus » Thu Jun 03, 2004 12:50 am

Badger wrote: Shark crew ended up being some of the biggest, most irresponsible pricks on the playa this year.

Gotta put a condom on those irresponsible DICKS people!


PS- hey people please use glow sticks at night. It hurts riding your bike into ART! And remember Glows sticks don't last all night too and might need to be replaced! This Happens to others and me every year. I never take it out on your beautiful art but I do pay a visit the next day to leave a message or speak to you about the danger! Be sure to spread the word to other artists installing art near you about the danger. Thank You!

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Postby cowboyangel » Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:36 pm

ambush art cars with garbage cans of jello
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Postby DancingTofu » Fri Jun 04, 2004 6:21 am

Hmmm... Perhaps some classical conditioning could work on these miscreants. Positive reinforcement for driving slowly... stripteaser walking just ahead of said art car...
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