Please transcribe these voice mails left for playa folk

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Please transcribe these voice mails left for playa folk

Post by bradtem » Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:28 pm

Over 2,000 phone calls were made from my phone booth at 8:45 and Esplanade, which after Wednesday at least had its best voice quality yet. Some of the experiences were very moving, though once people found out it was real, the line got up to an hour! Still, better than the bus to Gerlach.

I also gave it a number so people could call it. Due to network configuration issues, it never worked to ring the phone directly but I did put a voice mail on it and about 40 voicemails were left. (Even if I had gotten incoming working, it saw pretty much constant use so it would have been busy anyway.)

You can hear those voice mails at and, if you play one, write some notes in it about who it's from or who it's for. If you recognize a name or camp in the list, pass on the URL of the voice mail to them so they can hear the message, even though the burn is now over. Some of the messages are still entertaining.

(The bribe offers may not be binding any more, however. The voice mail told people to offer a non-monetary bribe, given by the recipient, to receive the message.)

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Post by julie_c » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:53 am

Anyone know if the lady with the missing husband named "Bruce" ever found him??

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