A challenge: Manifest your burn the other 51 weeks a year

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A challenge: Manifest your burn the other 51 weeks a year

Post by junglesmacks » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:17 pm

Yet another "So I'm back in the 'real' world and I'm sad" thread? Kind of..

Like most of you getting back to our individual realities, I've gone through some bouts of being shaken up by sadness/depression/shock/introspection/etc. It really has made me think much more than I ever gave it credit for.

What I've realized today on this first post-burn Wednesday, is that it's so indeed possible for us all to carry our lessons back into the rest of the world and manifest it as best we can in others. We so all have the power to bring what we've learned and come to realize with each other and share that with the rest of the world.

What I challenge you to do is this: Manifest your burn and your lessons every week until the next event. Every week, take one lesson or "playa principle" and share it/live it with the rest of the world.

For instance: For the rest of the week until this next Sunday, my personal mission is to smile at every single person that I come into eye contact with. Everyone. A genuine smile that says hey.. how are you. Are you ok? You know the one that I'm talking about.. we live it.

Next week: I think my mission will be to find at least 10 pieces of worldly moop to pick up in my daily chores in public. LNT starts with each of us.

Week after that: Practice patience with everyone in everything. Let people in while driving. Offer people to go in front of you in the checkout line. Etc.

It really does start with us to create a better world that we live in, and I feel honestly that living these principles and sharing them daily with others either directly or indirectly brings me just a little more peace and one step closer to the playa.. if only in my heart.

What will your weekly challenge be this week?
Savannah wrote:It sounds freaky & wrong, so you need to do it.

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