To the dumb ass that stole my laptop....

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To the dumb ass that stole my laptop....

Post by zonkism » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:49 pm

I really hope you enjoy all of the amazing electro, breaks and tech house you found on my laptop when you decided that you had to have it on Saturday morning between 6Am and 9AM. You must have really wanted a macbook really badly if you had balls to walk into our camp and rummage around behind our DJ setup, look through cases and dig around to find the power cable and the case the laptop was in. I admire your ingenuity to search around for the case that you though the macbook must belong in. Its a shame you will probably never enjoy the various ableton tracks I have been working on or the traktor playlists that I have put together because the laptop is password protected. I hope you have fun reinstalling the OS because that is the only way you will be able to use the macbook. Perhaps you had a good reason for stealing the laptop. Yes, I know what you are thinking, burning man is a gift economy so why not just take anything you damn well please. I really hope you enjoy your gift. Yes, I know I should have taken the macbook and locked it up tight, but I had no idea you would be so thorough in your search. you also managed to find a shitty ipod and headphones. I bet you had a fantastic burning man. I hope you enjoy your playa gifts. We went to a lot of trouble to make the lovely folks who visited our camp as comfortable as possible. I suppose a rocking sound system, intelligent lighting, comfortable lounging couches and a dance floor was not enough for you. I hope you enjoyed your brief stay at our camp and that you had a moment to take advantage of all we had to offer before you decided to take our technology. I am extremely happy that you must not be into music because you left the $700 mixer alone. I am also happy that you took great care not to awaken those folks sleeping on the comfortable loungers while you made off with your playa gifts.

On a positive note I had a fantastic time chatting with LEO about the missing laptop. LEO is actually pretty cool and they are not there to shutdown the party. They are truly there to help and are concerned about the kids. Without having to file a police report, I would never have known this. I would also not have been offered a deliscious beverage by the sheriff while I waited.

Please know that despite all of this I had a truly fantastic burn. This did not in anyway make the sunrise less spectacular, the riding around on the psychedelic mushroom car less enjoyable, the sight of the bliss dancer sculpture less awe inspiring, the massive screens at Root Society less overwhelming, and the truly personal encounters less touching. No, you did not ruin my experience. You made it more complete because with the ecstasy I was privileged to experience grief over my lost macbook. You made me truly understand that yes, all things are ephemeral and that the playa giveth and the playa taketh away. Thank you for adding to the complexity of my burning man experience.

Zonk - Camp ISH in Nectar Village

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