UFO sighting at the temple burn 2010

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Re: UFO sighting at the temple burn 2010

Post by Ugly Dougly » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:51 pm

Canoe wrote:Others saw something...
http://eplaya.burningman.org/viewtopic. ... 89&t=47994
No, that's the wrong UFO.

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Re: UFO sighting at the temple burn 2010

Post by VulpinePilot » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:01 pm

I saw the red light UFO. and also the yellow one briefly. it could have been many things. a balloon with a road flare tied to it, for example. it is possible that it was of either military or extraterrestrial origin, but being Unidentified pretty well earns it the title "UFO"
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Re: UFO sighting at the temple burn 2010

Post by alexosten1230 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:20 pm

I was at Burning Man for my first time in 2010. Late one night, can't remember which (but definitely at least a day before the burn), I was walking to the port-a-potties near where I was camped, around the 4:00 area, on the outer reaches of the bowl... Looking up, I noticed a green dot in the sky, from this size of the glowing light and the speed at which it was moving, it seemed like it was close, definitely not a satellite or plane. I yelled to my boyfriend, Rob, but I was already too far away from the car for him to hear me. I didn't know how long the ball of light would stick around, and because I was a little drunk, I grabbed a random bystander (some girl I'd never met) who was walking with a few others. I pointed out the green dot. At first they didn't see it, the girl even thought she was searching the sky for a plane. I pointed at the ball of light and screamed excitedly, "Look at the moving green dot!" When she finally located it, she freaked out. Within seconds, all four of us were staring at the green ball of light. To me, this confirmed that I wasn't hallucinating (I didn't take any drugs, but who knows what's in the coffee at base camp!!!) Like everyone, I was in awe, gawking at the ball of light and pondering what it could be. I thought it was a weird thing to see, but for some reason, at that moment, peeing seemed more important. I left the group to run the 10 feet to the porta-potty and 30 seconds later, when I got out, I rejoined the random kids who had gathered more people and were still looking at the green ball of light. It seemed so much further away now-- as though it had travelled hundreds of miles vertically into the sky above and just kept going. Within seconds, the dot was unrecognizable against the rest of the twinkling stars. I have thought about this moment ever since, and tend to not mention it when speaking of my time at Burning Man... been searching recently for anyone who maybe saw the same thing... figured this post would be a good start ;)

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