Trying to find collage/art from 2008/2009 i participated in

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Trying to find collage/art from 2008/2009 i participated in

Postby hmumps » Fri May 06, 2011 11:28 pm

Okay, so in 2008 a friend and i were walking across the playa and were stopped by a few guys with a camera. They had asked if they could take a picture of one of our features/body parts/etc to compile together a collage. Basically everyone's picture would be a piece of the puzzle to create one human profile. So, they used my friends torso, and i want to say my cheek. i hope this is making some sense : ] Its all kind of vague, it was quite some time ago and we were in a haze. But anyways, would anyone have any idea what i am talking about? Seen anything similar to what i am describing? They had said it would be used the following year, which would have been 2009. I went in 09, and 10 and never saw anything. Thanks all!! )'(
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