Any DreamCatcher theme camp photos please?

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Any DreamCatcher theme camp photos please?

Postby Katrina » 13 years ago

Hi, do you please have any digital photos from the DreamCatcher theme camp? at Esplanade & 6:30... with the 4 stars on top... a colorful tent with many couches... vinegar foot spray, t-shirt transfer, oracle readings and adventure wheel... ?
I would greatly appreciate any photos - especially of people and activities inside the camp. Thank you!! Please email digital photos or links to

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Quiet Man
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Postby Quiet Man » 13 years ago

I have one pic of my wife, Aryonda hanging out there one day. ... 390005.htm
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Postby Neutrino » 13 years ago

I've one day time photo of DCatcher, which was a little suprising considering I never went into it.
I could scan it for you or send you a copy?
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Postby Tristan » 13 years ago

This guy was levitating in front of the big dream-catcher on the playa:


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