Thanks to those who stopped to help the Silver Phoenix NV447

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Thanks to those who stopped to help the Silver Phoenix NV447

Postby pdxvintagette » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:51 pm

My boyfriend the Silverguy and I left Burning Man on Tuesday morning, with no exodus and smooth sailing... for the first 45 minutes.

On the 447, however, many of you saw us with his silver art car and our silver trailer stopped dead in the Northbound lane. We spent a total of seven hours in one place or another along that road, waiting for AAA who finally told us they couldn't make, chugging forward in 1/8 mile jumps (before vapor locking again) and finally, towed to the top of the hill by a super helpful Washoa Co. sheriff.

I was already impressed with the community at Burning Man, but the help and concern we received on the road there was fantastic. Friends and unknown burners alike stopped to make sure that we were okay, that we had water, and to see if there was anything they could do to help. To those of you who provided motor oil - thank you so much! We may not have made it home at all if not for you, it seems we'd burned up over 3qts of the oil in the art car getting to Black Rock City.

There was a burner from Portland who provided 3qts of motor oil, and we are especially grateful.

We got home in the evening on Friday the 9th after a very tiring trip. Thank you so much for being what the burn is all about. We appreciate all of you for your encouraging waves, honks, concerned stops and assistance. See you next year. In a different art car!!

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