Captain Exploration at Flight To Mars

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Captain Exploration at Flight To Mars

Post by The Wave » Tue Sep 07, 2004 6:39 pm

I had the best time of my life impromptu-ly running the door on Friday night at the Flight to Mars (from about 12 till almost 4:30 a.m.). As a second year burner, this time around I wanted to make sure I had a better network of playa "friends", so before the burn I made sure to meet many here at eplaya...and as the nature of BM would have it, I met very few of those "friends" actually on the playa. That approach must have been too pre-concieved. The place I met the most amazing people, including some of Seattle's finest (thanks for the props, Jen) was simply hanging out at the place where I had the most fun; Flight to Mars! Did I meet you there?
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