How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by otakup0pe » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:51 pm

There are so many sock puppets in this thread I'm even starting to wonder about those posters with more than a handful of posts.

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by Simon of the Playa » Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:11 am

- extremely few Rangers do

they have "double O" status...
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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by PavementBlues » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:45 pm

they have "double O" status...
Exactly. The story just doesn't make sense given the strict processes in place, and while individual Rangers have obviously made mistakes over the years (as humans do), I would be extremely surprised to find out that a whole group of Berlin Rangers and Ranger chain of command collectively lost their minds and wielded authority that they didn't possess to kick out someone who had done nothing wrong, and that the police went along with it.

Oh, and hey there. It was good meeting you briefly at the 3 o'clock Burn barrel with Gadget.
There are so many sock puppets in this thread I'm even starting to wonder about those posters with more than a handful of posts.
Keep wondering. I wonder about me all the time. I'm a shady individual.

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by trilobyte » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:00 am

There are a lot of things that stand out as both unusual and highly unlikely in this account. When coupled with the OP's timing (they joined and pasted in a lengthy story they either wrote elsewhere, or copied from another source, and logged out 3 minutes later) and apparent lack of subsequent participation (as of this writing, they have not been back), leads me to believe this is trolling.

There is also no mention of having attempted to resolve or raise awareness of the situation through channels most rangers (and many participants) should know - a law enforcement feedback form is available on-playa as well as online. Also, the feedback loop is a place to provide feedback to Burning Man (open until mid-October for that year's feedback). Additionally, a ranger could reach out directly to their manager post-event, and any participant could use [email protected].

If feedback had not been provided through the LE feedback form or Feedback Loop at the time, there's likely very little that can be done through those channels. But the veteran ranger friend should have had no trouble, then or now, in raising a flag and getting an investigation started (though if one hadn't been started immediately, it does beg the question of 'why wait a year to say something?'). If this story is more than just trolling, I encourage you to please reach out to the [email protected] address, or have your friend raise the issue with their manager.

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by 1durphul » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:04 pm

At the risk of replying to a troll thread, I'll just say that I agree with I_CANT_EVEN's assessment for the most part.

The things that particularly stuck out to me as "you did what? And you didn't think this would be the outcome why?":

(BTW, this entire story appears to have been a repost from a farticle)
cityzen wrote: She had had her heart set on having a dusk bike ride out to deep playa as soon as she got there, but a stroll around the neighborhood would have to suffice.
Expectations and inflexibility, thank you for helping us get to know the characters in this play.
cityzen wrote: While my girlfriend inquired about our friend’s schedule and when to expect him back, I passed out in my tent from the exhaustion of 48 hours of no sleep, during which time I was working 12 hours of sandstorm greeter shifts.
It was here I began to suspect substances were involved. If a person worked two 6 hours shifts, or whatever, there is no reason they couldn't have slept at some point during that 48 hours. Irrational behavior is often a hallmark of usage of certain substances that allow people to go without sleep. Rationality is the tradeoff for that not needing to sleep.

cityzen wrote: My girlfriend rushed into my tent, telling me that there was a ranger accusing her of going into tents that weren’t hers.
Was he hallucinating her going into other people's tents?
cityzen wrote: I got mad. They threatened to call law enforcement. I encouraged them. That turned out to be a mistake too.
Literally up until this point, you and your girlfriend could have left that camp, and come back in a few hours when everybody had cooled down, probably even just snuck back into your tent and gone back to sleep and untied these knots in the morning. At no point when you are dealing with somebody who has any power over you should you encourage them to call law enforcement. Rookie move brah.

cityzen wrote: She was filming everything at this point on her camera. I started yelling ...
Two actions that probably convinced the Rangers they wanted to be nowhere near you ever again.

cityzen wrote:The rangers told us that we could stay in festival but we had to leave Berlin. Gladly.
And this was when you immediately got the fuck out of camp Berlin and away from the situation? Because you were thinking rationally right? Not high at all on a drug that deprives you of rational thought in exchange for good feelings and not needing to sleep?

cityzen wrote: The law enforcement officer then asked my girlfriend if she still wanted to press charges for bike theft.
Not 20 minutes later, my Ranger friend came out with the law enforcement officer and told us that they were just kidding about us getting to stay.
“The paperwork had already been started”, he said. You know how it is with paperwork, am I right?
I bet this conversation between your friend and the other rangers went like this "Your friend is so high on (insert a stimulant drug name here), his girlfriend is stumbling around into other people's tents, he threatened other campmates, he's yelling like he's insane. We can't have him here, this camp needs to present the appearance of a responsible Burning Man camp, and the appearance of not being too directly involved with Law Enforcement. Instead we have 5 LEO vehicles on our perimeter with their lights on. Your friend is endangering our standing in the community, he has to go, and since we've been waiting for 20 minutes now for him to get the hell out of our camp. We need to evict him. And I have got to be honest, your inviting him here is making us question your judgement. By the way, she wanted to press charges against you for bike theft. How do you feel about that? Would you like to break the news to them that they are leaving?"
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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by 1durphul » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:07 pm

god damn it I hate when I press the quote button instead of the edit button....

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by PlayaPatrol » Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:43 am

This story doesn't surprise me. This is a very detailed a well written story. Unlikely that its bullshit. The fact that others are blaming the victim is common on Eplaya. Cult members are not allowed to question the cult. Ive met some cool helpful Black Rock rangers and I've met asshole power hungry ones. Forget the notion that they aren't security guards. When they want to be, they are the eyes and ears of police and are BRC internal security. Black Rock rangers are often mall rent a cops. When they don't want to work they won't help you. In general the more authority a volunteer at BM has the more power tripping they are. Same goes for Perimeter and Gate. Ignore all of them unless you really need help. When you really need help from any BM agency ask for a manager or supervisor. They are the only ones that can get anything done.
Anyone taking offence at anything in my posts - tough. It's only an internet forum. Stop being overly sensitive. you are shallow and banal. Eplayans who spend hours a day posting need to make in person friends and mentally masturbate less.

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Re: How I Got Kicked Out of Burning Man

Post by happydragon » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:48 pm

Token wrote:
Hope you guys are not on some No Playa list.
Fuck, there's a No Playa List? No wonder I keep getting "stuck" in the ticket due ;-P

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