Gate, Rampart...Rinse, Repeat

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Gate, Rampart...Rinse, Repeat

Post by Blueschaser » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:58 pm

Our burn in a nutshell! Attending GPE refresher on pre-event Saturday, my eye starts itching uncontrollably. Couple hours later I can't open that eye; put aside stubbornness and head to Rampart. Diagnosis: corneal abrasion. The remedy: prone position with eyes covered for next 24 hours. There goes the last of camp prep I still needed to finish. Arise opening day>>>Hallelujah, I can see again. Off to work Gate at noon.

Staff at Gate later Sunday mentioned raw temp around 107, heat index 119? Let's just say it was most brutal shift I ever worked out there. Seems some folks sitting in their AC had patience issues, especially at Will Call. I was sitting in shade on a health break when I spied my girlfriend doing the Zombie Stagger from WC, across the sand in front of Box Office. Off I sped. She was critically ill, heat stroke frying her from the inside. Gate mgt were terrific at triage until ambulance got there. So many to thank I don't know where to begin. IV #1, and a ride back to Rampart. Our driver: Eplaya's very own Savannah!!! She's equally wonderful in person. She waited for Docs to check Jill, then drove us back home. All seems stable.

Awaken Monday, Jill claims she's good. Off I go for another noon shift at Gate. Return around 6:30 and now she has no equilibrium! Rampart, part 3. IV #2. After an hour she feels stable so we take the short walk to DMV to see the MV lines. Head home, thinking she's turned the corner. Get up Tuesday, she's regressed. Rampart part 4, IVs 3&4......back to camp for calm afternoon. "I'll be fine". Off I head to Gate shift #3, 6-midnight. Return home, find her in agony in fetal position....Rampart visit #5. IV #5. We'd had all Good Docs up to now; fatigue or frustration perhaps, but now we meet Bad Doc. One sentence stopped us cold: "Why ARE you still here?" Got his point across. 2017 Burn ended at that moment. It's now 3 AM Weds, took 2 hour nap, broke half camp down and we left the playa. Just in time to beat the wildfire to Nixon before it closed 447. Ride back up to retrieve rest of my gear took 2 attempts, waiting for the fire all-clear from LE.

Big Props to ESD (and Savannah). And YES, we had hydrated ahead of shifts. Was just one fucking HOT day out there. Sympathy for all those of you who suffered equally. Last I heard 4 Gate crew got IV help opening afternoon. We saw many of our fellow burners each visit to Rampart, gotta believe they used record number of saline IVs this year. Now let me hear some TERRIFIC burn stories!

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Re: Gate, Rampart...Rinse, Repeat

Post by GreyCoyote » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:34 pm

We do loves our Savannah-Mod!

Yes, that was shameless ass-kissing. And sincere too.

OP: glad you and the Missus are ok. Also glad you called the ball and bailed. Kudos. And thanks for helping out as long as you did.
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Re: Gate, Rampart...Rinse, Repeat

Post by Token » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:05 pm

Oh, just WOW!

You two must have some Westworld kind of rugged.

I'm just stunned by this story.

Sorry JP, but right now I do not like you one bit.

Point 1: After Jill's first IV, you should have said: "Fuck Gate, my lady needs me".

Point 2: After Jill's second IV, you should have been packing and out of there.

Anyone who suffers heat stroke is no longer rational and able to make decisions. Jill proclaiming "I'm fine" ... that should have been your signal.

You need to reflect a bit on how bad this was and how much worse it could have been due to some poor judgment and rotten choices you made.

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Re: Gate, Rampart...Rinse, Repeat

Post by some seeing eye » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:21 pm

The beauty of it all is that it works. You were the partner there for your GF, medical was there for her (and you), your GPE team was there for you, the fire gods did not block you from the gates of Reno.

Each person's body is the same and a little different. They don't respond the same to the playa or to medical treatment.

I've had experienced burner friends evaced to a Reno hospital for electrolyte depletion, I've been treated for it in medical. and I've had to evac a friend to Reno with an infection that was irritated by the playa. I know how it feels when you want them to stay for the experience but it's the right thing to go. By that experience I did get a chance to meet Pearl pre-tsunami. He was helpful and solid.

I would send a note to feedback for medical to review the chart (with your narrative) as a learning experience because those symptoms are common. A firm suggestion is better than getting to the emergency evacuation stage. I also think more electrolyte prep needs to be stressed in the Survival Guide.

(Another example of it just works was making a decision and successfully executing closing the perimeter after the man fall within minutes. That's many many people working together.)
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