Green Tortoise

Share your pictures and video. Tell us about the sights, sounds, and scents, as well as the rumors and truths found at Burning Man.
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Green Tortoise

Post by HEADBANDMAN » Thu Jun 09, 2005 11:10 am

:?: Who has taken the Green Tortoise to BM and how was it? I was thinking it would be a good way to get there with out a car.

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Post by Flea » Thu Jun 09, 2005 11:30 am

Ive been told by two people on here that it is a great experiance!!! I was going to take the Seattle one but I found a camp and decided to make the drive since I love driving anyway..

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Great way...

Post by julie_c » Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:26 pm

to get to BM, especially if it's your 1st, they take good care of you, got some really cool peeps on board, and expect some great eats...go with em!

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Post by Coastburner » Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:41 pm

Hey Headbandman -- I've taken the tortoise twice and plan to go up again this year. The first year, I didn't know anyone and now I have friends from all over the world. It's a great way to meet people that have been to burning man before as well as virgins to B-man. I can't say enough about the Tortoise staff as they are great people that you'll remember for years to come as well. Give it a shot as they provide the food -- you just need to help cook, clean or prepare the food each meal and the water as well.

Check it out.

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Post by kampkalamazoo » Sun Jun 12, 2005 5:14 am

And the shuttle to Gerlach/Empire is a great little excursion as well. Bring treats to pass on the trip!
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