Cacophony in action 2018

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Cacophony in action 2018

Post by some seeing eye » Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:17 am

Have to love this from reddit via Danger Ranger's Facebook

Danger Ranger added a new photo to the album Popular.
8 September at 10:35 ·

-- Posted on Reddit by 3zerom --

"Keep the following in mind:

I’m an accomplished musician, a medic, former firefighter and combat search and rescue in the United States Air Force. That’s the pertinent info for this post, in civilian life I’m a hospital director. All this combined, I’m sober, I know my shit, and I know the cops won’t ever find anything on me.

So I turned off the 80 onto the 447 raised my two flags one on each side of my vehicle I drive a fairly large SUV and proceeded at the exact speed limit to probably 1 mile an hour below the posted speed limit and unfortunately there was nobody behind me I figured let me have the best fun I can so I pulled over to the side real quick I pulled out my harmonica case and put it in plain view of the back window should be a police officer decide to open it. I’m also traveling with one of those really big ARB freezer is that plugs into your vehicle that you can fit half a body in and before I left LA, I went to a costume shop and I got one of those rubber hands that has blood and it looks like it is it’s a dismembered hand and I put it in there with all my Gatorade and other drinks that I would like to keep frozen for the next few days.

Sure enough on the 447 before Nixon is having the speed limit drops to 45 some cop: undercover cop I think it was a dark gray or light blue pick up truck pulled in behind me and I said by his demeanor he had those on the cover lights right away so it was a cop like I let’s do this apparently he called for back up because two more units fill in behind him and they let me up for whatever reason it was they lit me up I pulled over to the right side of the right side of the road and we started talking and they said can you come with us.

They escorted me to behind the police building and they started asking me about the isis flag. I replied in Hebrew which threw them off, and they called in more reinforcements. I think they though they found the real deal, bad dude going to BM to make trouble.

We started conversing in English and they wanted to know about the flag, I said it’s nothing, just a prank, I was however not very convincing and shifted my eyes constantly. I’m trying to keep the cops busy for as long as I can.

After about 30 minutes one dude pulls out a flashlight and shines it through my tinted rear window and sees my harmonica case, which mind you is the same shape and size as a pistol case. All hell promptly broke loose. Now I was a real bad guy with a gun. At this point they have probable cause, and I know it but am still not giving in. This lasted for about another hour of questioning, they couldn’t decide if they needed to get the bigger feds involved, and there were lots of phone calls made by them.

Finally they get the go ahead to pop the rear window and with gloves try to open the case, but of course it’s locked like all gun cases should be. After a bit of pressure and time wasting I show them how to open it, it was at that point that they started to feel like idiots.

By now half of em are amused and the other half royally pissed. So we open my side door and they see the freezer, it says in very bright digits 17f . What’s in there I was asked, I think they were hesitant to open it.

Just some drinks and my yearly sacrifice for the temple. Now they’re not wanting to open it without a warrant because they just stare at each other not knowing what to do. So I volunteer to open it for them. And of course the first thing they see is a bloody hand. Now I’ve messed with cops many times but never to this level. I can’t imagine what was going through their minds. It took about 10 minutes for them to see that it’s not a frozen hand but a rubber one.

It’s been about three hours now, and we start chatting, my service, which by now they got all the deets and they know I’m clean, and I start telling them about some other pranks I pulled. We chatted for about two hours, during which word made its way up to my military command staff. So now me and a bunch of cops are on conf call with some really kewl peeps from the Air Force who know my shenanigans. And it turns into who got pranked better dick measuring contest which lasted about an hour.

All in all I tied up law enforcement for about 8-9 hours. And they confiscated all my pranking apparatus. Which I’m good with. Those things did their job. But lots of cops on lots of overtime so hopefully today in the morning was easy as well.

Oh and when I left them, I had a Pershing County Sheriff follow me for miles just waiting for me to break the law. I blasted music and just drove as usual."
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Re: Cacophony in action 2018

Post by vargaso » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:27 am

Love it.

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Re: Cacophony in action 2018

Post by Traveller in Time » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:39 am

Special lovely with the noisy tag closing it

Danger Ranger wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:17 am

. . . . I blasted music and just drove as usual."
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Re: Cacophony in action 2018

Post by Ratty » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:21 pm

Those aren't buttermilk biscuits I'm lying on Savannah

Pictures or it didn't happen Greycoyote

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Re: Cacophony in action 2018

Post by Token » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:32 pm

Playa Chicken!

About as believable as Daft Punk at the trash fence.

This has been circulating for a few weeks already on the InterWebs.

Funny but no cigar.

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