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Postby akashaskyheathen » Tue Sep 14, 2004 10:45 am

Hi fellow burners. My camera fell out of my bag on the playa friday night before the burn. Searching brought no results, and I have been praying that the person who retrieved it would be kind enuf to share the info on this board. It is an Olympus D-560. There is a photo card inside of it, and there are pics from before the playa- which i have copies of on my computer so I can identify them for you. I am reachable at akashaslibrary@flex.com or at 415 716-7171. Thanks so much for your honesty and compassion in returning it. It means alot to me- my first camera was stolen a year ago- this is my second one and I would really hate to have to buy a third. Blessings, Akasha sky heathen
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