[b]LOST -- Long hair, dark blue wig with tiara[/b]

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[b]LOST -- Long hair, dark blue wig with tiara[/b]

Postby ferrari sugarpants » Tue Sep 14, 2004 3:01 pm

hello playa lovelies--

someone had the nerve to remove my wig and
tiara right off of my head when I was in an
altered state.

if you ended up with these objects, I would be
pleased as punch if you would return them to
me. I won't even ask how you got them.

description: long, dark blue hair wig with Princess
tiara clipped onto to it with bronze hairclip w/rhinestones.

sound familiar? hmmmm? and that wasn't "borrowed"
either, because I never lent it to anyone.

princess ferrari sugarpants
ferrari sugarpants
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