Looking for Ashley

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Looking for Ashley

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 16, 2004 6:08 pm

Poor cold sleepy Ashley came into our camp naked and dosed on something asking for a blanket about dawn on Tuesday or Weds. about dawn. Short dark hair, about 5'6" shapely not too nothing (fat or skinny) and cute as a button!

My husband wrapped you up in my furry cloak and a quilt and put you in our trailer to warm up. About an hour later we were unable to rouse you so we went to the Medical volunteers that took you away...
Just want to know what happened to you and if you ever recovered. When I asked at the tent no one knew who you were...
Just wanted to let you know we wanted to help you out but were afraid for you since you were so out of it and so were we and didn't feel confortable just letting you alone in case you were od'ing which definately was out of our ability to handle that night for sure!
Email me to let me know you are alive & well if you see this...
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