Lost - name of female musician morning after burn

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Lost - name of female musician morning after burn

Postby brayandtrill » Sat Dec 18, 2004 5:37 pm

Early to mid morning after the burn. Brunette with a guitar and angelic voice. Sang "Redemption Song" and an original called "Come along". Male drummer (also amazing) played with her.
After a particularly terrible burn (my husband and I got separated and spent all night looking for each other) we stumbled in to center camp to hear a female guitarist/vocalist performing. It was early-mid morning. Her voice and her message were an amazing gift to everyone lucky enough to experience it. It truly salvaged our whole burn experience. We left with a wonderful feeling.
We missed the party, but this year we really understood how much more Burning Man means to us.
If anyone knows the name of this singer please let me know. I'd love to tell her thank you.
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