....Nasu Dyami....

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....Nasu Dyami....

Postby hipifish » Mon Feb 14, 2005 12:44 am

A day has passed and my heart aches more.
How could the ocean have taken him so mercilessly?
On the playa this coming burn,
Look for him, please...
each time someone treats you as if you are special,
each time you see the joy in living,
with each fire burning brightly into the night,
see him, see his joy and love and bounding energy,
dancing and spinning until the day is anew.
May his fire burn within us all forever more even though his light has been taken from this tribe who loved him so.
Look for him, please...

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Postby Elemental666 » Tue Feb 22, 2005 12:27 am

many pardons as I jack your thread. I think its for the greater good...

I know there are tons of yuo who knew Nasu. I've had the honor of meeting several of you this week in San Francisco. My name is Jed and I knew Nasu for almost 20 years. Many many people all over the world have already recognized his passing and many many more plan to so in the very near future. The family asked me to send their thanks for the love, condolences and respect you have all shown. The man has passed, but the spirit rages on. We will not forget.

now on the the jacking....

I've been given the honor of transporting some of Nasu's remains to Burning Man this year. This will be my first year on the playa and am glad I get to do it with my best friend as we had planned several times before. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to handle the situation yet, but I thought those of you who knew him should be informed. If anyone wishes to send a suggestion or just wants to keep in touch so you can find him one last time feel free to email me at jed.green AT gmail DOT com.

In death, as in life, his flame burns on...

Much love,

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