something is calling me to come

Our 2005 theme explores psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Discuss.
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something is calling me to come

Post by bravetiger » Sat Aug 27, 2005 12:24 am

THis will be my first year to burning man and I really don't know what to expect, I guess it would be better anyways.

This year has been a strange one... all kinds of thing coming together... aligning just right or at least into something interesting. Take me coming to Burning Man this year, I was invited out of the blue by a stranger at a party to be part of their encampment. THey got me hyped up about being invited to burning man and how it was vibe of it would be. To me it sounded like something I needed and wanted to experience, but then a day later they backed out... something about no room. Time passes and I hope that my thoughts of thousands of people giving of themselves to be part of one great community... and giving selflessly would fade away. The thoughts never faded and in typical albert form at the very last minute I bought my ticket, 11:59 friday. My friend is going along with no cash but we managed to buy a ticket from someone who couldn't go. He's going to paint at Buring Man and give out sketches to all who want, you should really look for him!! and me I still don't know what I'll bring to gift. I do know that I plan to bring an open mindand the freedom to party without anything holding me back. I hope to find insight and inspiration.
Mostly I will just "be". Come find me and ask me what just "being" is... it was something that changed me one day.

Unfortunately we won't arrive till thursday early afternoon but
I looking forward to meeting new friends and I especially look forward to meeting you.


Albert aka Bravetiger

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Post by TheJudge » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:11 am


Sounds like you got the right idea. Just go and "be."
"Be at one with the dust of the earth. This is primal union." - Lao Tsu

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Post by bravetiger » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:24 pm

Strange strange happenings. Turns out my good friend the painter gets pulled over for rolling through a stop sign Tuesday afternoon and gets his car, his livelihood, impounded for driving on a suspended license. I can’t begin to express how disappointed I was that he couldn’t go, he was so inspired and excited to go.

So yet another detour in my journey to Burning man but that feeling from within is still calling and I still must go and it just happens to be that my childhood friend wanted desperately to go. So work ends and more unexpected detours and bumps, and now the road. 11 hours ahead of us, both weary from a long day at work and last minute preparations so we opt to stay at a friends in Bakersfield, yet another detour, self-inflicted, but a detour non the less. So Thursday evening around 8pm we finally arrive, and start to setup camp. We are greeted by our neighbors and such but our visit from Ambassador kicked me in the back of the head and let me know that these events were not of mere chance, they were happening for a reason.

Without a word Ambassador, a madman or a genius, certainly a statesman of some sort with the twinkle of answers of the unexplainable in his eyes, looked at me with a crooked hunch moving about me looking. Ambassador then raises his arms and I follow suit. He looks as if he is feeling something and then “not bad” he says. He looks at me but gazes far beyond and says “I have to tell you that you will have a difficult time but you will be ok?” He then rode off playing the recorder like no recorder has been played before. My friend laughs it off, I don’t.

The next few days I wander around, being friendly, dancing around having a great time. I feel the sense of community and just the good vibe around me. This is great the freedom to let loose and just have fun. Yes this is fun but weaved within the fun I had dreamed of finding a sage within the city and just from a conversation and a walk he gave me a gift of tea that I will brew when I am ready.

The night of the burn was quite a miraculous and awe inspiring event. The center of the playa built to a fever pitch which exploded as the people all focused all their love into the night and the man burned. There was definitely electricity in the air, I saw it. As we danced around the man and moved out around the esplanade the everything had changed. Everyone was now around the man and it was as if the city with all the art cars and music moved in towards the man, the city was truly alive. At this point I took a nap and dreamed of only a few molecules, far less than I normally would. The night continued to amaze me but later in the evening I was drawn again to the smoldering remains of the man.

It was then that had a waking dream with nothing else clouding my mind except the remnants of 5 hours ago. The dream was of a spiritual awakening that shined brighter than all other dreams I have had. I was able to feel the energy of the universe flow through me. I felt that I was about to slip into the slipstream of energy that was flowing through me and become part of the universe. I never was able to reach that point. During this dream a sage from outside my dream helped me, only at a place as special as BM can this happen, out of nowhere but he appeared because he sensed I needed help. The sage proceeded to help me feel my energy flow through me and control it with breathing and contracting abdominal muscles as soon as I relaxed and let the energy flow through me it became easier as it soon took control. At times of difficulty the sage's mere touch transferred energy into me that calmed me and helped me to continue, after about an hour the sage allowed me to feel the energy of the universe flow through me and a fire was lit from within. He disappeared without a trace, I had hoped that I could thank him... but I think he know how much gratitude I have for. Amazingly a second wiser and older sage approached me from outside my dream to provide further guidance. He taught me further of the earth's energy and the need to nurture our mother earth. He taught me of the balance of the universe. He also said that the energy within me had a burl similar to that of a tree. We watched the sunrise and I felt awake. This was the most profound dream that I have ever experienced. Not because of the intensity, although the aspects of energy are indescribable, but because of what I learned.

Something compelled me to come to the Burning man; it was such a special and profound moment I wanted to thank you.



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