It's looking bad for me.... but burn him anyway!

Our 2005 theme explores psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Discuss.
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It's looking bad for me.... but burn him anyway!

Post by JD Burn » Wed Aug 31, 2005 1:17 pm


This is incredibly hard for me to write. On Monday, when I first started seeing all the Burners heading out to Black Rock City I got a little choked up and can best describe my feelings as those of being lost.

I have had an extreamly life challenging year and at last had to admit that I was not going to be able to afford it. Then, one of my friends thought he would have an extra ticket and all was saved. I would use that ticket and stay at their camp. Not having to absord the cost of the camp and ticket is huge. I saw hope until the ticket fell through.

Since my first year in 98, I always bought five tickets early and would give them to my friends who committed to going. Introducing people to BRC is very cool, since it changes their life forever. Those who could afford it paid, those that could not got gifted. At this time I lstill ook for a miracle, but my hope dwindles without sorrow.

As you read this, I can assure you that I am missing that place. What I will miss most is having that unbridled opportunity to celebrate life in my kind of way. Spending time with those I dearly love and feeling the personal acceptance that too often gets denied outside Black Rock City. You can act silly or even be silly and it’s all ok.

Burning Man has made me a better person in many ways and I use those lessons and values to enhanced my life. I really wish I was there with all of you tonight. Dressed up like a binge drinking Pope with mischief on my mind, but alas it seems it's not to be.

I told you that I felt lost on Monday. I realize now that I'm far from lost, because to me Burning Man is not just an event. It’s an idea for something better and the realization of possibilities. It's creativity at its finest and a view of the world as it could be. Most of all, it is a lifestyle and experience that define who we are. That is why we are called “Burners” and we are all better for it.

If we can't save him, Burn Him Down!!!!

My thoughts,


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