NEWS - About Tickets and a true Burning Man Miracle

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JD Burn
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NEWS - About Tickets and a true Burning Man Miracle

Post by JD Burn » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:21 pm

Hey all,

I have been on here for the past few days requesting a miracle ticket and I just got news it's on it's way. SEEDSXL is an awsome person, I would not of been able to go, if it wasn't for his special act of kindness. I have done it for burners in the past and was counting on my karma and the burning man spirit to take me home!!! It happened! WOW!

What I know from Reno. Alot of tickets being sold (scalp) at will call and Empire. Good chances, if you have a friend going up ahead of you ask him to check out. They can always email you if it's there.

NOTE: If you have a ticket you are not going to use and can afford.....Please miracle it to someone/craigslist/tribe and here are good locations to find those in need.

I am happy to say...see you at the Burn!!!! I love you all

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