Our 2005 theme explores psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Discuss.
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Postby Rabbi Dali Rick » Sat Jan 29, 2005 11:05 am

Wow! a whole new forum to start fresh for this year.... It's so quiet here, hardly anyone knows it's here. A small seed of a espace that as time goes by will be colored in with peoples hopes, dreams, and exciting new plans and adventures. I imagine it like being some of the first people out on the playa, probably setting up the trashfence, or pounding in the center spike for 2005 Black Rock City..... or... or can you imagine that feeling you get as you looking across the vast liquidness of the BR desert as the basic rudiments of the new city start to take shape in the distance around you, right in that part of the day called "Golden Time" or... or

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