Burning Man bound - seek 2 females for 30' RV SF Bay Area

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Burning Man bound - seek 2 females for 30' RV SF Bay Area

Post by EmpyreanDreams » Sun Jul 10, 2005 11:12 pm


My friend and I are going ot the Burning Man this year and we got a 30 ft. RV. It is his first time and this will be my 7th time going. We are looking to balance out the energy at our camp so are specifically looking for two cool female burners to join us and help share in the cost of the RV. We will be leaving on the 26th and returning on the 5th.

I am a fun loving chiropractor and my friend is a fun loving restaurant owner. No expectaions, just looking for cool people to enjoy the burning man experience!

If interested e-mail a bit of information on yourself and we can meet for lunch sometime and go from there.

Peace, love, and prosperity to all!

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