Bring your ATM card to the ATM Machine

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Bring your ATM card to the ATM Machine

Post by bradtem » Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:32 pm

Bring your ATM Card (or just about any other card) to the First Bank of Black Rock's ATM machine, located at 7:30 & (Virtual) Delerium, next to my panoramic photo wall and the playa phone booth.

The ATM dispenses two kinds of Playa money. Playa Reserve Notes are good for a variety of things, including a drink of water, a pleasurable favour, an explanation of a piece of art, a moment of somebody's time & help, and some enlightenment. You find somebody willing to give you such a thing for the bill, and then they have the bill and can get that same thing from somebody else, and so on.

Gifting certificates are reverse money. With a gifting certificate, you give the bill _and_ the gift it says on the bill. Then the recipient is "obligated" to pass the bill to somebody else and gift them. For example you see somebody and you gift them with a visit to your camp, and pass them the gifting certificate. They should then take it and give somebody else a visit to their camp, and so on.

I'm hoping these will be an interesting way for people to make new friends and to create chains of gifting. To keep your karma right, you should withdrawl one playa note and one gifiting certificate from the ATM.

The PIN number is 2005, but I'm figuring you should be able to guess it. I'll be on the Playa tomorrow and setting up all this over Sunday and Monday.


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