Psyche Ideas to Share! I can't be there this year

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Psyche Ideas to Share! I can't be there this year

Postby Wendy » Fri Feb 18, 2005 8:30 pm

Can you post this idea somewhere for others to grab as I can't be there for 2005! )-: :(

Theme: Psche. So do a Smart Bomb and set it off every night in
unannounced portions of the playa? OK so not a real bomb but one that is
staged that looks and acts like one and spreads body parts and toys and
shit all over the area as a lasting sculpture to the explosion to show
just how smart smart, bombs really are. I do have a couple of friends I
can chat with locally about explosives stuff? And maybe Burning Man home
can help out with the staging as well?

And or a Smart Bomb art car to cruise around spitting out fire and gross
things, with Bush riding on the back masterbating while smiling benignly
and giving the peace sign with the other hand???

Or how about a Parade of Brains: everybody costumes or NOT, within a
mask of their favorite brain, maybe even staging some witicisms?

How bout a brain fart machine with flaming gas emmisions, infamous words by infamous assholes coming out of the same exit point...

Or a Brain Maze of graffiti wisdom...

:( :(

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