first art grant opp from BORG2

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first art grant opp from BORG2

Post by jimmason » Wed Feb 23, 2005 6:08 pm

(excerpted from a forthcoming BORG2 bullhorn, see


The BORG2 Ad Hoc Action Collective, aka the people not voted into any kind of office, have been counting up all the change collected from the recent FLYING PIG SEX DISASTER fundraiser and rolling it into, well, rolls. And then depositing the rolls with the bank people. And now they're tired of all this rolling.

The delightful Marc came up with this idea (paraphrased for your convenience):

1. Gosh darn we still have to roll a ton of pennies
2. How can I convince someone else to do this?
3. Maybe the AC could GRANT this butt load of pennies to an artist so we won't have to roll them anymore and an artist could be supported to make their art, which is why we are here rolling all this god-forsaken change in the first place.


Here is the deal: BORG2 has a bunch of pennies and other misshapen but still legal US tender coins in its possession. Rather than spend about ten manhours each for every ten dollars of coins left, BORG2 is going to grant THIS HUGE PILE OF COINS TO ONE LUCKY ARTIST. An real art grant, immediate resource gratification, just like we've been talking about for the last six million years.

The rules and conditions:

- The dollar amount of the remaining pennies (and other coins) is somewhere around ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

- All those interested in receiving this grant have one week from today forward to submit a project proposal. Proposals will be posted publicly to the website in the order received.

- All submitted proposals will be subject to a vote by the entire BORG2 community, using the Demagogue voting software that was created by the mysterious Dr. Fiasco and used in the January elections, and is now new and improved, to the point where it can handle "millions of voters."

- The project deemed "most interesting" by the entire community, as determined through this vote, will receive all the remaining coins at a special ceremony, details of which to be announced.

Format of proposals:

The format used to submit a proposal is very important. Non-compliance with format will mark submitter as a non-linear thinker. Please comply with all following blank spaces:

Your Name:
Project Title:
One line project description:
Compose a DF1LM ( explaining your project and submit link to it:
Submit a URL to an online drawing (optional):

Note that the primary vehicle for this application is DF1LM. Those who have been following the BORG2 tribe and various other tribes in the Outer BORGverse will know that DF1LM has, um, kinda become the communication medium of choice for BORG2 endeavors. In fact, the Art Council has been deep in debate as to whether all official AC communications should proceed through DF1LM, although there has been no decision yet. In the meantime, however, Jim composed a stunt grant application that found issue in several panties, and many DF1LMs flew here and there shortly thereafter, as well as before, through the rigors of time travel (news travels BEYOND FAST in the BORGverse). The record (or wreckage) can be found on the BORG2 tribe (, and also on the DF1LM tribe (

EMAIL IS DEAD. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO DF1LM. (Can we get a sponsorship?)

Remember, the deadline for proposals is Wednesday, March 2. Voting will take place Friday, March 4.



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