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native root
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for stages that are seeing artists....

Post by native root » Thu May 11, 2006 12:07 pm

Native Root is coming to burning man this year, and although we're all burners, we'll be leaving our bman performance hymens on the descide where...check out our music at, or send me an email and i can send you an EPK w more updated versions of our music...
we have horns, keys, and a full band to back it with a singing wordsmith...
and are preparing an especially bmanish set...
lovelovelove and BURN!
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Native Root

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Post by mprov » Fri Jun 09, 2006 9:17 pm

hello everyone. well, i'll be returning for my 4th b-man experience. my 1st was in 1996. 10 years!!!! wow!!!!

anyway, this year we'll be bringing an amazing 100% improv band to the playa. we're creating the roster especially for this year's experience. so, we're looking for venue to play (besides the random performances we'll create.) we'll have "mobile" equipment in our possession, but if you have a stage with a PA and/or mic's and/or amps and/or a drum kit, we'd like to use your entire infrastructure.

want a musical experience you'll never forget? just ask and we'll be yours truely.

go hit to see/hear what we'll be like.

ok. peace


p.s., please god(s/comic book heros) forgive any spelling errors above!?!?!?
we're the people who'll take your musical experience right to the moon!

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Slowcore/Lullabye Musician seeking performances/stages...

Post by lancegridermuzik » Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:55 pm


I am Lance Grider...

I am a professional / touring musician.
I make gentle, delicate, bright slowcore muzik...and original dark lullabies ~ (voice, violin, cello, keys, guitar...or solo)

I am seeking performance stages and others who would like to help me perform...and bill up together also

I played center camp stage twice last year...and the year before too...and I played Diva Boot Camp and Woonami Village

With your help, I want to play many performances again this year.

At Burning Man, I like to perform on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday nights...and...I like to perform on Sunday night also. I do not like to perform on Friday nor Saturday nights cuz my muzik is so delicate and slow...i.e. it's not loud party muzik

I am a professional / touring musician.
I just released a new record called 'ocelli' that is doing very well.

I may also sing at the Temple Burn on Sunday night (an a'capella piece as the temple burns)...and...I'd like to perform just after the temple burn on sunday night at Center Camp stage...around 12 midnight.

If you want to hear my new music, I have a website (listed below)...or...My MySpace page is a good place to quickly view and browse my bio and music.

I recommend an instant listen to some of my muzik at:

My website is:

I play slow, lullabye-ish, delicate muzik...of the bright and grey and dark varieties

I will be performing this year at Burning Man with a Violinist and Cellist...named Rena Jones. She's a magickal fairy girl who is AMAZiNG!

I will have many friends at my performances at Center last year.

I camp in Woonami Village and Diva Boot Camp.
This will be my sixth consecutive Burning Man experience.

Here's where you can see what Burning Man friends think about my muzik:

Email me with possibilities...

thank you!

lance grider

(aka: Lance Grider Muzik)

tel: 503.888.RaiN
MySpace page:


lance grider muzik is portlandik subterranean slowcore

record label: Stardom is Dead

lance grider is a multi-instrumental composer, singer, songwriter and performer. his music is mesmerizing, haunting, tranquil and enveloping. his voice is androgynous, delicate and intimately entrancing. his shit is charged and dangerous to the status quo. he sings and composes music with piano, guitars, harp, keys of violin and cello, percussion, bass, electro/keyboards, and sound sculpture.

lance composes, records and performs with musicians from the Oregon Symphony, the Oregon Ballet Theater Orchestra, the Portland Opera, March Forth Marching Band, and others.

to instantly hear or download lance grider muzik or for more information, MP3s, photos, videos, show dates, go to:

A review by Music Liberation Project: "If there’s one thing this boy’s got, it’s pipes, and the talent to back it. Lance’s composition skills combined with his out-of-the-ordinary singing range resembles that of the late, great –xxx-. The songs on his EP CD were produced and multi-tracked with Lance on vocals, piano, guitars, keyboard, keys of violin and cello. Keep a look-out for Lance Grider and his no-fear stage presence." Music Liberation Project

from the listening audience...

“That voice! Oh my word, that voice!!! I am chilled by the haunting beauty that drips from this music. So delicate, so touching and soaked in such rich depth. Lance mesmerizes something wicked with his dreamy lullabies.” Ian ~ Los Angeles

"Listening to Lance's voice and music for the first time felt like the scraping of layers off my heart. The emotion and passion fires burn so bright when he plays, the coldest soul has no chance but to melt. He is total embodiment of the MUSIC." Sandy ~ Portland

“When Lance sings, I feel like I'm being covered in honey, and set on fire all at the same time. He has an angels voice.” Sarah ~ Portland

“Lance's sound is hauntingly potent, surreal, lulling. It breathes a certain kind of sadness without sorrow. His voice is tender and his musicianship is impressive. He is a sweet treat to the ear - a definite Portland must-see!” Nicole ~ Portland

“His voice is like an angels voice. He takes me to other worlds." Gwen ~ Portland
instantly listen or download muzik and view profile / bio at:

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castra roto thema thematis

Post by alexamonkey » Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:17 pm

Our camp, as part of it's ever-changing theme, are inviting any bands, dj's, etc to play at our camp (which will hopefully again gets esplanade placement). This will be available most evenings, & even during the day, if someone so desires. We have a good home stereo system with surround sound, a powered sub-woofer, speakers, 5 disk changer. for DJs, if you can get your tables to our camp, we should have you covered. for Bands- need your equipment & amps- I don't know how much power amplifiers and the like take; we have 2 generators, one decent wattage, one smaller; I someone can give me some estimates on power needs for live bands, I will try to arrange accommodation!

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Seeking venue/sponsors for spectacular escape act

Post by SANTINI » Tue Nov 28, 2006 6:00 am


My name is Steve Santini and I hail from Canada.

I perform professionally as, "Santini: The Dark Master of Escape". In this capacity I present the most hardcore, extreme, and life/limb risking escape artist shows and stunts on the planet.

This past New Year's Eve I performed a daring escape as part of the nationally broadcast "Canada's New Years Eve Bash" live from Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto.

In front of 35,000 live audience member I was manacled and then locked in a steel vault.

Massive propane flamethrowers were then turned on the vault heating it up to the temperature of a blast furnace.

I had to escape before running out of air of being cooked alive.

Happily, I made it.

Footage of this particular escape, called "The Cremation Chamber" can be viewed on my website at

This year I was offically named, "The World's Most Extreme Escape Artist" by the legendary Ripley's Believe it or Not! and a full page interview/feature on my work can be found in the new internationally distributed Ripley's book, "Expect the Unexpected!"

For many years I have been interested in performing a massive and grand media generating escape feat at Burning Man.

I have always felt that this venue is perfect for my extreme skills, particularly because of my joining the elements of fire with many of my performances.

So, I thought I would post here and see if there would be any interest from the principal organizers or perhaps a sponsor in having me come to Burning Man and present a large and thrilling spectacle.

Perhaps an escape from the belly of the Burning Man himself while he burns!

If anyone is interested in such an event, I can be reached at

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Cheers, Steve Santini
Named "The World's Most Extreme Escape Artist" by the legendary Ripley's Believe it or Not!

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Post by gaminwench » Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:22 am

welcome, Santini...Burningman is a gift economy- if you have something to share, you share it....Big Media events are not what the festival is about...there are several discussion threads on this board re: the value/detriment of media to the community...Asking for 'sponsors' is a sticky wicket, since the basic tenet of BM is Self-sufficiency...perhaps if you explore joining a Theme Camp that creates a performance space suitable for your needs...Everyone at the festival is an ARTIST, we all bring our ART to share, that is what makes BM so unique!!! Good Luck!!!

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Post by DDSPARKS » Thu Dec 21, 2006 2:52 pm

Hello and Happy Season, Dears-

My Glam/Electronic/DanceyRock band is planning a trek to Burning Man this next time around and I thought it best to send that out into the universe now to see what might come back.....please contact if you are interested in hosting or are interested in my sending you some tunes.

Much Love,


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Hey Negrita
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we wanna playeeeeeeeeeeee for yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu

Post by Hey Negrita » Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:07 am

Hi there

We're Hey Negrita from the UK. We've been described as a cross between Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones and we are looking for a stage to play.

Artist Name: Hey Negrita
Genre: Brit C(o)unt
Check us out at:

We spent most of last year touring the UK with Alabama 3 (who did the Sopranos theme song) and the US with Tony Joe White, as well as performing at SXSW, Cambridge Folk Festival, Lovebox Weekender, Standon Calling, Ullapool Loopallu Festival, Tenby Blues Festival and the Secret Garden Festival.



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Band seeking stage

Post by gtrextreme » Thu Mar 29, 2007 5:31 pm

Hi...This is MARUJAH the band we are a latin Disco-rock-ska-reggae-funk-dub band from nashville! We have many friends that go to burning man each year that have told us such great things about this festival....This years theme about the hope and fear and future...are very true and unavoidable. The economy faces many tasks to overcome to insure a stable environment, a growing multi-cultural community, and economic unity with other country's. Our music is our weapon, taking on these issues and bringing together the Latin community as well as anybody that strives for co-existence. if theres anyone that has any suggestions where we could play our music, or has any contacts to any main stages where we can draw a crowd to play in front of please let us know.



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middle eastern fusion musicians for bellydance accompaniment

Post by stereognosis » Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:11 pm

i will be coming with some other musicians from stereognosis ( we will eventually be looking for stages on which to perform. at the moment i'm rounding up other musicians and dancers who are interested in this sort of thing. any tribal fusion or fire dancers out ther? peace and blessings,-p.a.

Sic Trancemission
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Greetings All!

Post by Sic Trancemission » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:41 pm

I'm looking for a stage to perform on. I am a trance dj, I play really hi nrg trance or epic bittersweet trance depending on the feel of the place :P 2008 will be my first year to visit burning man, I am so excited!!! Here are some links to my mixes below, check them out and let me know what you think!





~*Sic Trancemission*~

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Post by accordionMan » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:29 am

I'd like to volunteer to play my accordion... I play a wide range of music.

50s Doo Woop, ol' time rock & roll, classic rock like the Doors and the Who, some blues, classic (not classical) tunes like Peter Gunn, broadway, zydeco, lots of high energy... no polkas. This ain't your grandpa's accordion.

I've played at center camp original music too.

Here's a sample of me playing at horny camp a few years ago.. the video rotates for a few seconds, then straightens out.

Looking forward to rockin' the playa!
Some accordion at BM:

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Dj for hire

Post by deejayf8 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:19 am

I am a DJ/Producer and perform live 1-3 times a week. check out my myspace at I will be posting all my performance dates soon, give you a chance to check me out. I am also recording some demos right now and will send those if you throw me a address. I love to get people to move and have a good time. looking foward to Burning man this year. get back at me soon so I can put a night on my schedule. thanks and my best


also reach me at
Im here the same reason as you, for a good time

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Post by Dustdevil » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:36 pm

You may not be aware of it, but your post is in the archives of the 2005 Burning Man event. You may get better results in the 08' area.

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