Open call to all 2005 Burners.

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Open call to all 2005 Burners.

Postby thegathering » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:35 pm

I am working on a large art project for the Playa and I need your help.

I call it “The Gathering”. I would like your participation in making your very own Burning Man between 3’ and 5’ tall. You can make it out of any medium. You will be required to follow the Burning Man Art Installation guidelines found on the website at ... lines.html and briefly outlined here:
-Some way to secure it to the Playa.
-Lighting so someone doesn’t crash into your Man or whatever you may use to secure it to the Playa.
-No large holes can be dug in the Playa to secure it.
-No camping at your Man.
Once you arrive at the Playa you can take your man to the Hawaiian Regional Camp Ka-Pilina. From here you will be taken out to the playa where your Man will be placed around a large central sculpture.
Each person will also be responsible for the removal of their own Man and to leave no trace at the site. Burning of your Man will not be allowed at The Gathering site.
For illustration of project or email or
If enough of you make a Man we can have a pretty cool installation.

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