Campbell's Comfortable Cupid Composition Craves Cash

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Campbell's Comfortable Cupid Composition Craves Cash

Post by ravenlunatic » Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:05 pm

I have been wanting to bring mythology and the teachings of Jung and Joseph Campbell to the Playa for some time, and given the nature of this year’s theme, I feel now is the perfect opportunity. The archetypes presented to us by mythology are integral to our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious psychological growth. As Campbell once said, “As we have developed, we have rationalized out all gods and monsters, robbing ourselves of the accumulated knowledge of the ages and the ancestral guidance necessary for our psychological progression.”
It is my desire to return this essential psychological tool to Black Rock City, and there would be no better myth to commence with than that of the story of Psyche and Eros (perfectly complimenting the theme): the marriage of Soul (Psyche), and Love (Eros), a most appropriate myth to bring to the Burning Man community whom I believe holds love and the soul’s progression tantamount. Here's the myth:

I would like to recreate the matrimonial bed of Psyche and Cupid 3 times scale out on the Playa: 10 feet wide by 15 feet in length, 6 feet tall. Function and form: artistically recreating a fundamental mythological image on a breathtakingly vast scale, while providing the individual a comfortable, plush, warm bed to crawl into after subjecting themselves to the harsh conditions of the Outer Playa; softness and pillows and comfort.

In our subconscious, the heroes, demons and gods of our personal mythology reside, tucked away under the covers waiting for us to return to them night after night. So, while bringing the mythological love to them consciously above the bed, I thought it appropriate to use the room created underneath the bed, underneath the covers of our subconscious, to tell the story of our legendary lovers. Under the bed, an art exhibit, tablature, and a voice recording telling the trials and tribulations of the two epic lovers. A slide show presentation of the famous paintings through history timed to a voice over narration telling the story.
It is my desire to have this be but the first of a series of Burning Man Theme-based mythological stories creating hidden rooms to act as art galleries through which members of our community can express themselves through the stories.
Here’s the problem… cash… Something we are a bit shy of. I think this project could feasibly be accomplished for $3000. I was hoping any of you might have recommendations as to ways to raise this incredibly minute sum of funding. I guess my hopes in writing this is that somebody falls in love with the idea the way that I have, and helps us bring it to the Playa in any way that they can.
I think that Psyche and Eros’ matrimonial bed is the perfect installation to have at this year’s theme. It perfectly parallels Burning Man with that magical realm that Psyche is swept off to, that majestic, larger-than-life, unreal universe that Eros created for her. I am somewhat challenged when it comes to fundraising, and I feel that it would be a damn shame if this project didn’t make it because I lacked that particular skill. Any suggestions would be most appreciative. Thank you.
The Raven Lunatic
What we are going through is nothing less and nothing more than a redefinition of man's relationship to his diety.

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Post by robotland » Fri Jun 10, 2005 5:30 am

Rigging something to drip candlewax onto participants might be amusing.

As to funding, the site indicates the procedure for applying for grants- But you're a little late. Start baking, or throw a fundraiser party, or have an art show. Also consider options for streamlining your project to acommodate a reduced budget- It can be made for less.
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