It's so Funky... clickity-click!

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It's so Funky... clickity-click!

Post by theBrooke » Sun Jun 12, 2005 9:55 am

Hey everybody...

This is the first time I've been able to drag myself to the eplaya in a loooong time. See, I'm not going this year after five straight (gotta go to school), and I've found it's easier if I try to avoid burners preparing to burn. Not easy right now I tell ya.

Every year I bring together a bunch of new music and make a fresh CD, get on the eplaya and find some places to play. It's become a summer ritual... Making connections, sending off discs... My favorite place in the world to play is BM, last year the highlight was Sol System... favorite all time throwdown, was Bianca's Wednesday night 2001. Amazing group of people you are!

Anywho, I've made a mix... and if you like house music, you should give it a listen. Anyone who wants a proper disc, just email me. I'll send you a couple few. I'd love to know this made it to the playa somehow, got played at a bar, in an art car, on your boombox... ahhhh, dancing in the dust. Kinda keeps me connected.

Brooklyn - Hello World

Diddly Doo - Thomas Sahs
Bumpy Bumpy - Slater Hogan & John Larner
Cross Country - Mario Fabriani
This Is Jazz - No Assembly Required
Bee Bop - Spettro & Daddy J
Pass it On - A.S.K .
Down To The Ground - Inland Knights
Schitzophunkia - Joey Youngman
Steppin' Out - Kaskade
For My Love - Slater Hogan & John Larner
About Love - Roy Davis Jr.
Self Help Audio Tool - Dj Sense
Take It - Luke Sardello
Hey Chica - Tony Senghore
Mash It Up - Jas Who
Forsberg Loves The Acid - John Dahlback & Jesper Dahlback
In Your House - Tigerskin
0800 Jazz - Odori Allstars

Enjoy, and see you next year...

Brooke :idea:


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