How to Destroy the Universe - Part 4

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How to Destroy the Universe - Part 4

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***************************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE******************************
(PLEASE pass this on...)

START: JUNE 1, 2005
STOP: JUNE 27, 2005

CONTACT: Ethan Port
[email protected]
(650) 619-3695


This month brings the infamous "How to Destroy the Universe Festival" back to the Shipyard in Berkeley and Studioz in San Francisco to present another cataclysmic mix of post-punk/post-nuclear styles and genres.
The festival has expanded to include more national artists, particularly acts with female leaders or members. Highlights this year include more extreme bands with female leaders of member, a special contingent of early Los Angeles punk scene pioneers, a traveling caravan of real circus freaks, Butoh dancers and Modern Primitive body hook suspension performers assembled from across the US. The fire art has exploded this year and is being curated entirely by Jim Mason and the Shipyard. The installation is entitled RIGGED and will completely fill the shipyard with suspended artworks, culminating in a giant multi fork lift performance on Saturday.


* Los Angeles Punk and Post-Punk pioneers 25 year reunion: including Mike Watt and Kira Roesller as "Dos" (BLACK FLAG and the MINUTEMEN), Chuck Dukowski with his Sextet (BLACK FLAG bass player), PUNKOUSTICA (including Alice Bags from CASTRATION SQUAD and the "Decline of Western Civilization" film), and Jeff Long's 23 year return with Ethan Port and Jackson Del Rey of SAVAGE REPUBLIC. The Savage trio promises to perform the seminal debut SAVAGE REPUBLIC album "Tragic Figures" complete with flaming percussion.

* Bay area PYRO-POST-PUNK pioneers F-SPACE (members of CHROME, SAVAGE REPUBLIC with SCOT JENERIK), with Scot's patented assortment of spleen wrenching pyro-noize percussion instruments.

* Bay Area Synth-Punk/Post-Punk artists BOYSKOUT (fresh from NYC), The WEEGS, BINKY and the TURKS

* THE EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND - bash away swingin' marching anthems, that will bounce around the steel containers that make up the shipyard. This promises to be one of their more unique performances.

Gets a boost this year.
* International performance artist SKIP ARNOLD brings some of his ground breaking videos plus a live performance that promises to be "interesting" if nothing else! Skip studied at UCLA with Chris Burden who was the inspiration for F-SPACE's name.

* L.A. Cacophony Society performs as THE ART OF BLEEDING - driving a hip old Ambulance filled with gorillas and nurses to take care of any unintended trauma and chaos. They really are "just here to help".

* The 999 EYES OV ENDLESS DREAM - Three bus loads of "Modern Primitive" Freaks from across the U.S. perform Butoh dance and Extreme body hook suspension rituals. Extremely unusual and unique performances!


* JIM MASON and the Shipyard curate an unusual and extreme art exhibit of Aerial Airborne Curiosities. The art will be suspended above the shipyard, and tortured and burned on Saturday. The best of BURNING MAN's pyro art community is participating in the Shipyard's biggest art event of the year!

* Post Nuclear VISUAL ART will be provided by CAT FIVE under their side project "And More From Cleveland...", Molitov, Mark McGothigan and KittyKaosmic.

* Special videos include works by Iraqi/Chicago ex-patriot Usama Alshaibi who mixes international and sexual politics.

* RE/Search Publications will have discounted books for sale

The event is sponsored by LaughingSquid, the SF Bay Guardian, Ron Halbert, RE/Search and This DIY community based event is co-presented by KFJC, KZSU, KSCU, KALX and KXLU

Advanced Tickets, Festival passes and Schedules are available now from

FRI JUNE 24 - ALL AGES - The Shipyard, 1010 Murray St, Berkeley ( SAT JUNE 25 - ALL AGES - The Shipyard, 1010 Murray St, Berkeley ( SUN JUNE 26 - 21+ - Studioz, San Francisco (

All the artists are available for press interviews. Contact [email protected] for assistance.


We continue our Fiercely Independent, annual DIY collaborative Event focused on exploring ARTISTIC INDETERMINACY and just what it means to be a BURNING MANN and Post POST-PUNK in the modern world. We also continue to emphasis (or at least share the stage equally) with Female heavy hitters. Many of the bands are fronted or composed mainly of women, all of which are not afraid to Launch! Including Punk Cholita Pioneer Alice Bags (Decline of Western Civilization)!

We've stepped up the art focus this year and turned the reins over to the SHIPYARD and the FLAMING LOTUS GRRLS. We've also invited three bus loads of "Modern Primitive" extreme performers. It's hard to classify just exactly what these very real Freaks do, but needless to say it is Extreme performance.

There are no slackers in this years lineup. The list is overwhelming! Everyone promises to DESTROY!

HISTORY: In the early 1980s, gaggles of crazed angst ridden youth, sharing who-knows-what drugs, safety pins and multicolored hair products, were bussed out to the Mojave desert to unleash their Extreme culture to the cosmos. Los Angeles Punk/Post-Punk Scene icons such as BLACK FLAG, SAVAGE REPUBLIC, the MINUTEMEN and RED KROSS were joined by the likes of EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, S.R.L. and NoN to raise up their mutual FIERY FISTS OF FURY and ask the Burning Bush just "What the F*Ck?". Munitions of every shape and size exploded. The desert burned. Minds Fried. Culture Shifted.

DESTROY 2005: This years events takes this Invariant reference point, and Worm Holes past the Northern "Rave in the other Desert" to present an Apocalyptic festival of Extreme energy, Quantum Contradiction, and Sardonic Conservatism.

This is the event that promises to leave us spent and scratching our mottled heads as to just What transpired. And like all good science, hopes to leave us with more questions than answers.

The bill is ENORMOUS this year! Please come out and help support this rare opportunity to build and re-invent extreme underground community.

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Destroy 4 festival June 24 - June 26 San Francisco/Berkeley

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