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Ambient Armchair Encounter

Postby kovrov » Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:30 am

Did you enjoy the Ambient Armchair Encounter last year? If so, read
We are the group of experimental musicians and DJs that brought the
continous 24-hour long Cycle of Celestial Ambience to the playa last
year. For logistical reasons, we can not bring the new and improved
Ambient Armchairs back this year (BORG denied us an art grant,
waaaaah!!). But some of us are likely to still make it to the playa.
are all fans of ambient and experimental electronic music and are
for kindered spirits among the Burning Man community!

If you have a soundstage for which you would like an
DJ, let us know. We are especially interested in doing an epic
dusk-till-dawn ambient excursion, but shorter time-slots are welcome as
well. Also, we would very happy to do an ambient Burn-time
before the festivities of the Burn-night erupt.

Also, let us know of any cool projects and/or events having to do with
weird music, so we can check it out.

To get a notion of our tastes, here are our playlists from last year:

The Playa is Earth's Eardrum!


Kovrov (
Invisible Gottlieb

the AAE team.

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