Comedy Improv Outreach Role Playing

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Comedy Improv Outreach Role Playing

Postby regynalonglank » Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:20 pm

the Bureau of Erotic Discourse and Fireball Improv bring you relationship and sexuality entertainment, communication assistance, role playing fuel for your fire, and customizations for your relationships you may never have dreamed of, but always wanted.

Come join the B.E.D. buddies and create havoc with guerilla street theater and other forms of mayhem. Learn how to include everyone who wants to play in exploring new ways to get what you want and feel good about it too.

Coming soon to the playa near you...we need players, so if you like improv or have always wanted to try bring your warm body on down to the Department of Tethered Aviation and check out the Love Shack for times and locations of scheduled talks and performances as well as info on how to join in with the random improv as it develops.

more to come...resume normal programming - if you can!

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