Art registration deadline July 15th!

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Art registration deadline July 15th!

Postby burnin' steph » Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:12 am

The deadline to preregister your art project (and theme camp) is tomorrow!July 15th! ... lines.html

This does not mean that you cannot bring art to the playa. We request that only projects that have been finalized in their information get registered. If you are still working on your idea, or come up with one after the deadline, please make sure that you drop by the ARTery located in Center Camp near Arctica to register your installation and get placed by our Field Ops team.

Why register?
*You'll get the early pick when choosing where to place your installation!
*You'll get listed on the official art map that will be part of each participants' information kit
*We can advise you on things like lighting your art, securing your art and how to Leave No Trace
*If you are planning to burn your installation it is mandatory (based on our permit with the BLM) that you have a meeting with the Performance Safety Team (PST) to obtain a laminate, otherwise you may get fined! We will help with this easy process
*You can take part in our Day Labor effort where artists and helpers can meet up at the ARTery each day at 10am to meet and help out on installations

Who doesn't need to register?
*art that is part of a theme camp
*art that is part of the cafe

Please spread the word! and come visit us at the ARTery on playa to learn about the art, artists, take an art tour or volunteer!

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