wanted: el wire, LED lights! any kind of lighting at all!

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.
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wanted: el wire, LED lights! any kind of lighting at all!

Postby thehun » 9 years ago

Anyone got some extra el wire you don't use any more? Come on, I know you've got a box of it somewhere that you keep saying you're going to untangle and wrap around your bike, or your fuzzy pimp hat, or your penis guord, or your what-have-you etc.

Instead, what if you were to donate it to our art piece? Tangled or no, we would be immensely grateful for it.

Refoliation crew is making some of the trees that will encircle the Man this year, and we're looking for creative (read: FREE) ways to light our piece. We can use any lights you are able to donate!

Email me: hun.this@gmail.com

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LED lights

Postby Henry » 9 years ago

Hi how are you doing,I guess you are same person who did the B.M. blog during setup a couple of years ago....

This is Henry,I setup for Lance....think I sent you C.D. of photos....

They have 64 led strings on a round frame,which can be removed at Ikea in Emeryville for $2 a set....green leaves 4 inches apart 20 feet long....

get back to me I will send you a picture..


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