I hve too much water

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I hve too much water

Postby jasonsaal » 9 years ago

I have hired a truck to bring me 4000 gallons of water I only need 1100 gallons so I have 2900 left over. It's going to cost me around $500 or .12 cents per gallon it's non drinkable, however it can be used for showers and such. If you or anyone you know need water please let me know. I can be reached here or on my phone at 609-413-7734.

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Lassen Forge
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Postby Lassen Forge » 9 years ago

What are you going to do with 1100 gallons of non-potable water on the playa?

And have you let the org and the county health dept. know you're bringing this much NP water out there? Ya know, ya gotta let them know if you're bringing a water truck out there. Esp if it's not potable.

And how you gonna get rid of it all?

Maybe you can contact lightning supression (the folks who do the water trucks) and they'll take it off your hands. I dunno, tho...

Jus' askin'...

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Postby RINGMASTER » 9 years ago

I know there was another guy out there with a water truck that was gifting showers to everyone. Had a real nice setup with water collection underneath and I believe he said once the week was over and people cleared out he was going to water the area down, much the same as the water trucks that try to keep the dust down on the streets.

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