Ride Share 2011

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.
The Voice of Eye
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Need Ride to Playa from SF for two

Postby The Voice of Eye » 5 years ago

If you haven't yet left, and you still have space available for your drive to Burning man, we'd love to know. And though we don't necessarily need to drive in together, my friend Molly and I are trying to find a ride to the playa.  We are visiting from New Orleans, staying near 6th at Howard at a friend's warehouse space. We each have a bike and regular supplies. Happy to split gas and driving. Please let us know if you have space. Early or late, call anytime. My number is 504.428.9987 and Molly's is 985.264.7896 and my facebook is www.facebook.com/culturesubculture

Thanks! Craig

Blaz Blazso
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Need ride from Reno, Tuesday PLEASE HELP!

Postby Blaz Blazso » 5 years ago

I need a ride out of reno to BM tomorrow morning post 10:30 am, when my ticket arrives UPS.

I also need somewhere to sleep tonight...

(413) 284 9031



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Re: Ride Share 2011

Postby DonHelix » 5 years ago

Hello out there beautiful people.
My name Is Alexander Wolf and I, like many, got stuck in what many people have inappropriately named the New York Hurricane. Apparently, the tarmac at 6am on Saturday Morning looked like it might get damp, so me and my friends lost our early entry and our flights. We managed to get rebooked for tomorrow, but for obvious reasons the rides we had in are now unavailable.

Me and two of friends are looking for rides from the Reno airport sometime early tomorrow afternoon. We have cash for gas, are extremely laid back, fun to be around and basically emit good vibes in all directions. If you have some space for one or all of us, please shoot me a call at 303-882-2639 or drop me an e-mail at RealityDIgression@gmail.com. Thanks in advance, and have a great burn. See you when I get home.

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Re: Ride Share 2011

Postby mickey » 5 years ago

Hey all,

I'm looking for a ride too -- ideally leaving from the SF Bay area Tuesday night late or Wednesday morning. I can't leave until Tuesday evening sadly but I can go any time after that. Travelling light, just me and a backpack. I'm 30 something, male, good fun, safe, responsible. Have ticket in hand, no drama there. I need to stop somewhere along the way for a few supplies, otherwise flexible. Happy to share driving and gas for the trip. Planning to come back Sunday sometime -- need to be home Sunday night -- so if sharing the return trip would work too, that would be great. PM me if interested.


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