Who Wants a Stripped Down Fifth-Wheel?

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Who Wants a Stripped Down Fifth-Wheel?

Post by PavementBlues » Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:33 pm

Okay guys, my mother has a 25 foot long fifth wheel that she's looking to get rid of. It's torn down to the base, so it's really just a flat surface at this point, but the wheels, bearings, and base frame are good and it seems like the perfect beginning to an art car. She's giving it away to anyone that will come and pick it up, and can get a trip permit so that you can drive it home. She will be coming to the Burn this year for the first time, in fact, and loved the idea of it being used for something on the playa.

She is located just off I-80 at Applegate (about forty-five minutes east of Sacramento). Anyone who is interested PM me and I will answer questions as best I can.



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