Reno Hardware Stores

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Reno Hardware Stores

Postby Funkpocket » 5 years ago

What are the best Burner Hardware Stores in Reno?


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Re: Reno Hardware Stores

Postby skibear » 5 years ago

Capital Steel 1932 Auburn Blvd in Sacramento is
way cheaper than Loowes or home Despot for rebar.

Bitch though trying to cut 20 ft lengths in their parking lot.
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Re: Reno Hardware Stores

Postby googbox2 » 5 years ago

Twin Cities surplus I believe has rebar- they're on 4th street east of 395
Harbor Freight is good for supplies like tie downs, cheap tools.. not sure if they have rebar- they're on Kietzke and Moana-ish
Other than that, I just usually go the usual Home Depot/Lowes route.

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Re: Reno Hardware Stores

Postby lucky420 » 5 years ago

Harbor Freight in Reno is Peckham and Kietzke
Oh my god, it's HUGE!

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