Reno Residents- place to stay/hang out Sunday night?

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Reno Residents- place to stay/hang out Sunday night?

Postby beatsnotbombs » Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:31 pm

Hello I am flying in from North Carolina to Reno on Sunday at 6:30. My ride will not be in reno until very early Monday morning. I am offering to help load your trucks, finish your costume, put some yarn-locks in your hair, or cook you dinner in exchange for a place to hang out until my ride arrives. I will have two largish bags and a big smile. :)

I am a second time burner, no drama, easy to please. I would love a ride from the airport but I can easily take a cab if you can tell me where to go.

Message me if you are interested. Couch surfers would be excellent! Maybe you can come check out asheville sometime?

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