trying to locate a person called nancy/chomp

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trying to locate a person called nancy/chomp

Post by waterpistol » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:53 pm

hi everyone, i am trying to rectify a neglectful act!

basically, i arranged with a british girl called nancy (but chomp in thorntree forum) to drive a truck for her, her friend jake and myself to BRC... but i haven't had any contact with them for 3 weeks as i thought i'd arranged it via eplaya! i have tried re-contacting them on thorntree but to no avail. if you know them or their plan sounds familiar (nancy/chomp + friend jake trying to arrange transport from reno to the playa, needing a driver, and just coming back from travels in SE asia) can you let me know or let them know i am trying to fulfill the deal!

maybe tenuous but thanks!

ben. :o)


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