need ride for gear $ post playa to SF

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need ride for gear $ post playa to SF

Post by muffins » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:01 pm

As part of the lighting crew for the Temple of Boom this year, we rented a small set (25 8' poles) of scaffolding poles and clamps. Our plan post burn is to drive back home to Colorado, but we need these poles and claps returned to the rental place in the south SF area before the end of September. If anyone can help with this, we would glady offer $200 or the like for your troubles.

Come find 'Hepp' of AudioPixel at the Temple of Boom lighting booth @ the 10:00 corner.
Or call within the next few hours; we'll be on the playa this evening!
text messages will prob also work until sunday

hugs and kisses,


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