OVERVIEW: Fundraising On ePlaya

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OVERVIEW: Fundraising On ePlaya

Post by trilobyte » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:44 am

We allow the listing of up to 3 fundraisers per year on ePlaya in support of on-playa art projects and Burning Man theme camps. As it is important that the boards don't become polluted with advertisement posts (like so many other places on the internet), there are some specific rules to follow.
  • Listings must be posted by a responsible member of the project
  • Listing a Fundraiser Event needs to happen in the Off-Playa Meetups section. No spamming, you get a single thread for your fundraising event that must clearly state the project or camp that's benefitting. As a suggestion, you should also make sure the location (city/state or city/country outside the US) is in your thread title.
  • Listing of Donation Programs and other fundraising efforts (ie kickstarter) must happen in a single thread for the camp or project, on the On-Playa Project Fundraisers board. If you run a subsequent fundraiser for your project later in the year, it must be posted as a reply to your thread.
  • Your subject line must include the project name and include the word fundraiser. The subject line should not be an advertisement for merchandise. "SuperAwesomeCamp Fundraiser" = good, "Get BlinkyGlowyThings Only $10" = bad.
  • Ticket raffles and contests are not allowed on this site, and may also be a violation of the Burning Man terms & conditions without prior written authorization from Burning Man.
  • Fundraisers with food or beverage item rewards may not be listed on this site.
  • Use your fundraiser thread to periodically update supporters on your progress and engage with the community, just don't go overboard. Responding to questions and comments is okay, but if there's no activity in the thread keep your updates to no more than once per week.
  • We highly recommend that you check out the Support A Burning Man Project page on the main site, and submit a listing there if your project fits the submission guidelines.
  • Fundraisers for all other things (your book deal, your burner business startup, your personal burn expenses/Burning Man tickets, etc) are not allowed on ePlaya.
Please Note: If you're offering shwag as a pledge gift for your fundraiser, be aware that you may only use the Burning Man logo or other trademarks as gifts for donations - outright merchandise sales are prohibited. You also need to be careful about the language you use (for example, "______ Fundraiser" or "Fundraiser for ______ at Burning Man" are okay but "Burning Man Fundraiser" is not). You can read up about Burning Man's trademark policy, and if you can contact the IP team via [email protected] if you have specific questions.

Do NOT use ePlaya to discuss financial details of your camp or project. If you want to give someone a peek at your books, please do so privately. If you choose to put your books up for public review, do it on another site.

No crossposting or repeat posts/threads. It is important that over-zealous individuals don't spoil the boards by constantly bumping their threads to vie for attention. Abusing the board could result in threads being locked (to prevent bumping) or the losing the privilege of posting your fundraiser on ePlaya (at the discretion of the mod team).

[Updated October 2016]

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