a shot in the dark, but at least worth a try...

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a shot in the dark, but at least worth a try...

Post by izat » Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:55 pm

Any chance you can help me contact "Nicole" from LA? We met at Critical Tits... Her smile was as brilliant as her attitude... I was supposed to find her at 4:30 Catharsis; went there and could not find her... It would be incredible if somehow we could find our way back to each other.

In case she used a playa name, etc... when we met at critical tits, she was wearing ruffeled red "boy-short" panties and kept a "love slave" on a short leash.

If you are Nicole, her friend, acquaintance or love slave... please contact me or ask her to try and contact me... or something.

I would be happy to provide other information that may be helpful in describing this person, as I realize finding a "Nicole" from LA may be a shot in the dark.

"strange coincidences may be but the normal workings of the universe"


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