Theme Camp Rego Date

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Theme Camp Rego Date

Post by zorro sings » Wed Sep 21, 2005 10:18 am

Judging from the tone in the thread there seems to be some real anger and confusion over camp placement,especially concerning mega wattage dance camps and their neighbors. I don't want to rehash that story.I don't want to hear that I don't need any sleep
Have brought this proposal up before and got no response but undaunted will try again. What I suggest is that the deadline for theme camp registration be moved up a month or two. I would appreciate someone explaining to me the reason for such a late cutoff date for theme camps to register.Believe it was the middle of June this year giving the staff responsible for placement only about 70 days to plan for a city of 35,000.
An earlier cut off date would give more time for everyone(including theme camps who would theoretically know their placement earlier) to get the planning done to the best of their ability.I mean I feel sorry for the WWW guide for example.They do a solid job but have only 3 weeks from when theme camp placements are announced to fill in the address blanks that correspond to event descriptions.Not to mention getting to the press.With such a short window of time mistakes in addresses and times are seemingly ineveitable.An incorrect mouse click by a harried and probably overworked volunteer can potentially wipe out a year of theme camp work,and is a yearly nightmare scenario for theme camps large and small.
The Project is a massive and amazing undertaking.Theme camps are very important factors in this creation.A little more time to plan and place theme camps wouldn't go wrong I reackon.Who would it hurt?I'd bet a large number of theme camps would probably register now if they could.They don't need until the middle of June to decide
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Post by theCryptofishist » Wed Sep 21, 2005 11:15 am

Interesting. My gut instinct is that the whole thing--on both sides--is too improvised already, and moving things up would only increase that. I guess that some of the large sound camps are already planning fund rasing for next year, but a lot of people go into hibernation until ticket sales start in January. And they may well need that break. Of course, I don't run a theme camp, so I'm only guessing what they may need interms of time. As for the LLC end, what's the availability of volenteers? Do personel increase as we get closer to playa time? One problem of having a largely volenteer labor force is that you are at the mercy of when they decide to work. Not that some of them wouldn't be happy to get their commitment out of the way early.

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