Family theme camp: Where the Wild Things Play

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Family theme camp: Where the Wild Things Play

Postby jmoralesgibson » Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:18 pm

We are seasoned burners bringing out 4-year old son Dexter, to his 4th Burning man this year. We've hosted such camps as "Mehndi Body Art" next to Earth Guardians, 2001, "Mehndi Body Oasis" in Center camp, 2002 and "Our Lady of Forbidden Fruit, Catholic School Girl Rescue Mission, 2003.

This year we'd like to host a Maurice Sendak-inspired playground camp called "Where the Wild Things Play", a place where kids and adults can play, climb, swing, tumble and let their 'inner-beast' run free. We hope to be placed on the Esplanade in the Family District.

We have lost some of our camp-families this year, so Dexter is now the only kid. We would love to have new families join our camp. Camp members must be able-bodied and willing to contribute labor, gear, supplies, financial support and good energy to the camp. We already have our basic camp infrastructure set; (shade, power, kitchen) but will need handy men and women, artisans, and seamstresses to create the playground, sets and costumes.

We are currently based in Solano County, CA, but may be relocating to the Monterey area, so it would help if you live the Bay Area. If you are interested, please contact Judi at

playa con dios!

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